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"An unabashedly loony genre mash-up of musical, romance and 80s-style horror … nothing short of a stunning feature debut." – Film Comment

Mermaids Golden and Silver enjoy swimming, and seducing and hunting men, but the sisters decide to give it all up so they can become headline cabaret stars at a seedy men's club. Their incredible voices draw big crowds, however their popularity is threatened when Silver falls in love with a musician, and Golden starts eating the male townsfolk.

Winner of the Special Jury Prize for World Cinema at the Sundance Film Festival, Poland's first musical is unlike anything you've ever seen. Dance numbers, sex, violence, fantasy, high comedy, and a uniquely strange aesthetic mash together, making The Lure seem like what would result if the people behind Eurovision were tasked with turning The Little Mermaid into a 1980s vampire flick.

"A primal volt of honest-to-God originality that demands to be witnessed." – Consequence of Sound