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In life, there's no such thing as a perfect standard. ... At the Norwegian Institute of Weights and Measures, the prototype kilogram is kept under lock and key, with lab technician Marie one of its keepers. The precision and rigour she applies to her professional pursuits also ripples through her post-divorce personal dealings, until an unexpected business trip – and equally unforeseen liaison wit... Read more
Hlynur considers waking up in time to masturbate to aerobic workouts on early morning TV a major achievement. A 20-something slacker with zero ambition, he has moved from child support to the dole and hopes to nap his way to an old age pension. 101 Reykjavik is a bizarre but charming and affectionate dark comedy about sexual confusion and emotional maturity, or the lack thereof. ... Hlynui's story... Read more
"In his unorthodox answer to Hollywood action movies, Jerzy Skolimowski has made a film that is more than what it seems … An astonishing game of mirages, where time expands and contracts giddily." – Cinema Scope ... A student prepares to commit a robbery. A paramedic team races against the clock. A woman embarks on a tryst with a Hollywood filmmaker, unaware that her husband is on the way. At a Wa... Read more
Winner of the Venice Film Festival Gold Lion award. ... “Shot like the grunge version of a ‘50s noir thriller from France (or Soviet Georgia), the black-and-white 13 (Tzameti) turns into a shocker of Tarantino proportions in protracted sequences of explosive violence that leaves viewers quaking.” - Variety ... Marking the feature debut of its young filmmaker, Géla Babluani (son of well-known Georg... Read more
Three friends and two catastrophes collide in this playful, stylish outing from one of the vanguard of fresh new Gallic filmmaking. ... Best friends Arman and Benjamin are thirty-something, single and going nowhere. When Arman is mugged it turns out to be a blessing as it brings Amélie into his life. But then Benjamin has a stroke, and over the course of a couple of years the lives of Amélie, Arma... Read more
2 Seconds scooped the prize pool at this year's Montreal World Film Festival. Manon Briand's debut collected Best Director, Best First Feature and Best Canadian Film as judged by both the critics and public. An understated film with an extraordinarily simple premise: a mountain-bike racer, Laurie, is in the throes of a mid-life crisis; the title refers to the crucial moment of hesitation she exper... Read more
In Official Competition at Cannes this year, the latest film from Michael Winterbottom (The Claim, MIFF 2001) is an energised, chemical-fuelled trip through the birth and heyday of the dynamic Manchester music scene. Inspired by a seminal Sex Pistols gig, Tony Wilson set up record label Factory Records, signing bands like Joy Division, New Order and eventually The Happy Mondays. ... What ensues is... Read more
3 women, 3 generations, 3 journeys. ... Forty-something single mother Minoo is a product of the Islamic Revolution, a generation of women repressed by changes in law under the new Islamic Republic. Her daughter Pegah is a rebellious youth, part of a generation in search of an identity they're yet to find. Together they live with Minoo's mother - three women of three different generations, living i... Read more
“Smoother than the finest liquor, reminds viewers how rarely movies capture the easygoing love embodied in a functional family, with all its support and tenderness.” - Variety ... Claire Denis (Beau travail, MIFF 2000; Trouble Every Day, MIFF 03) paints a nuanced portrait of a shifting relationship between a father and daughter in this tender drama set in the suburbs of Paris. ... Train driver Lio... Read more
A festival favourite, François Ozon returns with a thoroughly affecting excavation of love. The forensic 5x2 won the Pasinetti Award, for Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi's remarkable performance as Marion, and was nominated for the Golden Lion at Venice Film Festival, 2004. "Five times two or the difficulty of being a couple: five moments in the life of a modern couple... This film is the portrait of a cou... Read more
"A tense and hugely enjoyable thriller." – Hey U Guys ... Arnulfo is in the USA, preparing to transport a shipment of guns across the border to his cartel. He's ambushed by ATF agent Hank Harris, but in the heat of the moment, manages to get the upper hand. Arnulfo decides to bring the bound Hank back to Mexico with him, embarking on an unlikely road trip where certain death awaits. ... This is th... Read more
"Byington's script is disarmingly honest, and Schwartzman's charm and comic delivery are as sharp as ever." – Austin American-Statesman ... Larry is a perpetual man-child, unable to hold down a job due to his poor behaviour. Fired from a restaurant, he applies for work at a car-servicing shop purely because he has a crush on the manager, Lupe. Waiting to inherit his grandmother's fortune, Larry is... Read more
"A timely, terrifically acted moral nail-biter." – The Telegraph ... In the midst of the US housing crisis, a single father is kicked out of his bungalow with only minutes to collect his belongings. Determined to buy his home back, he finds himself working for the same man who evicted him and begins to learn the tricks that were once used on him. ... The latest film from award-winning director Ram... Read more
Sylvia Stickles (Tracey Ullman) is your average prudish suburban mother, until one day she suffers a wallop on the head. With this, she transmutes into a raunchy erotomaniac. It was tow-truck driver Ray-Ray Perkins (Johnny Knoxville) who liberated her libido; he's the sexual saviour of the concussed. In his Messiah role, he makes sexual sorties into the suburbs to release the repressed beast withi... Read more
"A meta-cinematic detective story set in 1960s Iran, shot through with counter-culture references and magical realism … never less than fascinating." – Screen Daily ... A political prisoner's apparent suicide leads a Chevrolet-driving detective to a desert island in the Persian Gulf. There, events quickly take a turn for the bizarre as the burial appears to trigger an earthquake. A geologist and a... Read more
One of the most promising talents in French documentary filmmaking, Claire Simon weighs in forcefully with her debut fiction feature. A Foreign Body is an original, sometimes blackly comical, disturbing and questioning account of the dramatic consequences of a young girl's faked pregnancy. ... Using a clinical manner honed in her non-fiction work, Simon has made an uncompromising film. The script,... Read more
A dutiful woman is struck with the dilemma of a lifetime when she uncovers a devastating secret from her husband's past. ... Middle-aged Milena (Mirjana Karanovic) is a devoted wife and mother living in an upscale suburb in Belgrade. Her contented existence is upended when, in a short space of time, she's diagnosed with breast cancer and she discovers an old VHS tape that shows footage of her husb... Read more
"Strange and ambling and sad and whimsical … A beautiful and eccentric waking dream about a modern-day Willy Loman played to subtle perfection by America's most beloved and accomplished leading man." – Chicago Sun-Times ... If Alan Clay (Tom Hanks) can convince the Saudi Arabian king to buy his new three-dimensional holographic teleconferencing system, the IT specialist is certain that his probl... Read more
"... A poetic and upbeat celebration of the quiet beauty in unremarkable lives... wonderfully shot and edited with a vivid sense of place and an immensely appealing cast, A la Place du Coeur is a touching portrait of the dif­ferent kinds of love that bind its characters."—Screen International ... "A warmly textured slice of humanist cinema... A look at an average blue-collar family through the pri... Read more
The setting is present-day Buenos Aires, a city in the throes of social unrest over escalating unemployment, poverty and political corruption. Elsa is a fun-loving 25-year-old, who holds down a couple of odd jobs that barely keep her financial. Her close circle of friends provides some comfort to Elsa, but she feels constrained and longs to leave the despair of the city behind. She dreams of fleei... Read more
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