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Programme 13

A Queen Who Returned (Gil Brealey, 1958)
This is a film about a city ... its people . . .and a Queen who returned. It not only records the visit to Victoria of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, but it also shows the city of Mel… Read more

A SCREAM FROM SILENCE (Anne Claire Poirier, 1979)
This second feature film by Anne Claire Poirier (her first Before the Time Comes, is a fine study of a woman's decision about whether to have an abortion), centres on a woman who is making a film abo… Read more

Black Five (Paul Barnes, 1968)
In fine colour photography, steam locomotives are shown at work with the recorded voices of the men who operate them. Their tributes capture some of the excitement generated by this disappearing form… Read more

CHOOSE LIFE (Erwin Leiser, 1966)
The title comes from the Old Testament, "I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live". Inspired by that text, Erwin Leiser,… Read more

CLIMAX (Rolf Clemens, 1965)
Climax is a modern psychological thriller about a youth named Kirster whose mother was so excessively devoted to him that she alienated her husband's affection for both herself and the boy. Deprived … Read more

Four Times Into Black (Bohumil Sejda, 1978)
Four black-outs about topical themes. ... Read more

Gumbasia (Art Clokey, 1960)
Modelling clay of several colours is used to make a fascinating variety of abstract designs that pop, roll and jump before your eyes to the accompaniment of swing music. ... Read more

I, The Centre of the World (Stanislav Remeš, 1977)
An animated film symbolically showing a petty-bourgeois who takes care only of himself. ... Read more

Incredible Machine (Paul Cohen, 1969)
A dramatic introduction to what could become a major art form in the future: electronics. Computers synthesise speech, song, painting, design prototypes, and even make films - though not this one. On… Read more

Kuarup (Heinz Forthmann, 1963)
A record of an Indian ritual that takes place at Xingu after the death of the chief. ... Read more

Low Water (Tom Scott Robson, 1966)
A harsh study of a man in a jarringly unfamiliar British landscape, County Durham. It is an area pitted and scarred by industry and coal mining, in which a small, violent group of men have a strange … Read more

Notes for a Film about Donna and Gail (Don Owen, 1966)
This film is a character study of the two girls, Donna and Gail, showing the currents that brought them together and revealing the differences in their natures — contradictions that first attra… Read more

One Man's Road (Robert Kingsbury, 1967)
Cive Williams, an Aboriginie, who lives with his family in a Sydney suburb today, remembers how he coped with most of the problems of his people: lack of education, substandard housing, apathy and dr… Read more

PANORAMA OF BRAZILIAN CINEMA (Jurandyr Passos Noronha, 1968)
A creatively edited and richly illustrated historical survey of Brazilian cinema from 1898 to the present day. ... Read more

PASSION FOR LIFE (Jean-Paul le Chanois, 1948)
Monsieur Pascal, a young school-master, arrives to take up his duties in a little Provencal village. He revises the oldfashioned authoritative methods of the retiring master, M. Arnaud, and sets out … Read more

Private Life of a Cat (Alexander Hammid, 1954)
The animal's outlook on life. The camera lens has been treated as the eyes of another cat, observing the daily details of life in a feline family. Thus, an ordinary room becomes an immense foreign en… Read more

Prospect of Island (Henry Sandoz, 1969)
Synopsis not available Read more

Return to Sender (Jenny Blackwood, 1957)
The film is the story of the Post Office dead letter office and explains why some letters do not reach their intended destination. (Educational.) ... Read more

SAD SONG OF YELLOW SKIN (Michael Rubbo, 1970)
This is a film on the other Saigon, where bombs seldom fall and blood seldom flows. It shows what some of the ordinary people who have grown up on the fringe of perpetual war, do and feel: the childr… Read more

San Fermin (Robert Destanque, 1964)
This film gives a colourful account of the traditional feast of St. Fermin in the Spanish town of Pamplona. The humdrum of everyday life stops, and the menfolk give themselves to the joys of singing,… Read more

Sunday in Melbourne (G. J. Brealey, 1958)
An experiment in the creative use of colour visuals, natural sound and dialogue commentary, tills film shows the loneliness of the aimless wanderers in the city streets contrasted with those who have… Read more

The Adventures of Prince Achmet has the distinction of being the first full length animated film ever made. After an initial failure to get a major release in Berlin, the film was shown in Paris and … Read more

The Cooper's Craft (Arthur L. Smith, 1967)
The ancient art of barrel making is re-created by a master craftsman. ... Golden Eagle, CINE; EFLA Blue Ribbon Award. ... Read more

The plot of this wartime drama is woven into a background of underground activity during the German occupation of Yugoslavia. Illegal workers must be moved to safety, and Pavle. himself hunted by the… Read more

THE HOUSE OF THE ANGEL (Leopoldo Torre Nilsson, 1957)
Although film production has been going on in Argentina since the early days of the cinema, The House of the Angelt is the first feature film from this country to be widely shown abroad. Made by by y… Read more

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