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67 (Kasimir Burgess, 2007)
A woman journey's into the night and returns.---D/S Kasimir Burgess P Julia Ciccarone WS Kasimir Burgess TD video/col/2007/4mins ... Read more

7.56 AM (Robert Alcock, 1984)
A music-based comedy with surreal undertones showing the dismal suburban environment of an "average" family. On this ... particular morning music starts as a pulse and affects each member of the fami… Read more

90% Yield Before Breakage (Teresa Blake, Margie Medlin, Daniel Witton, 1997)
A dance film with a different angle. Snappy editing, witty and pointed sound design, athletic performances and dramatic lighting enhance this inventive and joyous celebration of power and delicacy, g… Read more

A Big Country: Nariel Creek (Ken Dyer, 1971)
A small group of old people in the quiet Nariel Valley of Victoria, strive to keep alive the folk music and dances of their youth. ... Read more

A Big Hand for Everyone (Michael Pearce, 1971)
The average man, in ignorance and confusion, has an optimistic view of his future. The expert, wrapped in his knowledge and expertise, is pessimistic. It is this disparity of belief that the politica… Read more

A Bit of Tiff With the Lord (Peter Duncan, 1994)
A young priest returns from Rome to attend his mother's funeral. His father has been bothered by the angels and finds his son's inability to explain things frustrating: "You left me and your mother t… Read more

A Cat Born In An Oven (Peter Giles, Fran Dyson, 1986)
Scratching the surface. ... Read more

A COLD SUMMER (Paul Middleditch, 2002)
When Bobby and Tia meet by accident, the last thing they want is a relationship. Bobby is hell-bent on self-destruction and, in Tia, he finds a willing companion.They embark on a brutal and damaging … Read more

A Day and a Half (Michael Karris, 1987)
Playing like the first third of a feature film, A Day and a Half carefully observes the inter-relations between a family through the eyes of an 11 year old girl. ... Former AFTRS student Michael Karr… Read more

A Decent Bloke (Andrew Narozny, 1993)
Old Joyce and Kevin Harvey are nice country people but a couple of real duds. Young Roy, their boarder, knows what's what and advises them on all matters financial. Sort of a bloke you can trust, I s… Read more

A Dreamer #1 (Melanie El Mir, 1995)
In contrast to Peh's film Meianie El Mirs adap­tion of Barbara Baynton's thunderously symbol­ist and psychologically dramatic story 1907 story adopts a narrative form but it is in her very pa… Read more

A Dreamer #2 (Ooni Peh, 1995)
In this film from the Bush Studies project Peh conjours an ambient reading of Barbara Bayn­ton s 1907 neo Gothic short story. Perceived through a misty gauze in grainy black and white and a tinny… Read more

A Few Small Dreams (Sasha Hadden, 1994)
Dad rushes mum to the maternity ward, and leaves the four young kids at home, and Dad's also locked the dog in who's eating all the rocky road, but the kids are locked out, and the iron has been left… Read more

A Girl's Own Story (Jane Campion, 1983)
A stylized account of girlhood when perversion is innocent,family is strange and adulthood lonely. Fast-moving screwball ... humour set against the Beatlemania hysteria of the 60s. ... Read more

A GOOD THING GOING (Don Harley, Judith Colquhoun, 1977)
A suburban working husband, Phil, through years of neglect, causes his wife, Jane, to desert him, leaving with him their two children, Damien and Cathy. His single work-mate, Terry, is totally unsymp… Read more

A Hole in the Ground (B. McNaughton, 1963)
A pictorial and sound experiment to depict a mine disaster. Australian Film Awards, Open Section, Silver Award "for well contrived evocation of a tragedy in the gold mining days". Kodak Bronze Medall… Read more

A LITTLE LIFE (Deborah Howlett, 1988)
... ... Ricci Vicenti was nineteen when he was shot dead by authorities in Canning Vale Remand Centre. He was in remand on a charge involving the theft of groceries, valued at seventy-five dollars. T… Read more

A Load of Wood (Cecil Holmes, 1956)
A Load of Wood is the second story from Three in One, a trilogy of short stories on the theme of neighbourliness or "mateship" in Australian social relationships. This episode tells about how in the … Read more

A Look at Trails (Josko Petkovic, 1980)
Free fall through featherless flight. ... Read more

A Man Walking Falls (Julian Dahl, 1990)
This wacky picaresque film approaches dream, memory, desire and allegedly objective reality on equal terms. Campy stylisation and intuitive association tell a romantic tale of a journey lost. ... Read more

A Matter of Taste (, 1954)
Synopsis not available Read more

A Most Attractive Man (Rivka Hartman, 1981)
Frances and Dorian play out the last few weeks of a lopsided relationship with wry humor, and some bitterness. Frances, a single mother with three children, copes with everything but her libido. Dori… Read more

A Pair of One (Juliette Darling, 1987)
A Pair of One is a complex and resonant study of a strange and fascinating pair of twins. Greta and Freda are identical twins who dress alike, try to walk in step and for much of the time speak the s… Read more

A Passion Play (Tony Twigg, 1991)
This first film (the only Australian short film to be invited to Cannes this year) by visual artist Tony Twigg, is a highly structured piece which uses basic animation techniques to set up a change i… Read more

In 1950, Michael Blakemore left Australia for London and a career in the theatre. A Personal History of the Australian Surf describes his life up to that point. It is probably the story of innumerabl… Read more

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