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Films Screened In 1957

Gretry (, )
This is the life-story of the Belgian composer, Gretry, whose contribution to music was in the field of opera. The film uses some intriguing technical devices, mixing drawings and live performers ing… Read more

HILL 24 DOESN'T ANSWER (Thorold Dickinson, 1955)
To one of the foothills dominating the approach to Jerusalem are to come four Israeli volunteers. Their leader has ordered them to defend this Hill 24 against the Arabs until morning when the cease-f… Read more

How Difficult to be Adult (Wolf Hart, 1956)
The natural, almost animal life of an infant is compared with the everyday life of an average inhabitant of a large town. The contrast emphasizes the unnaturalness that has become a habit, the overbu… Read more

Humanisme - Victoire De L'Esprit (Paul Haesaerts, 1956)
At the time of the Renaissance the Humanist movement brought about an intellectual, moral and psychological rebirth in the whole of Europe. The film, which is of a philosophical character, portrays t… Read more

HUNGARY AFLAME (I. Erdely, 1957)
The film is a compilation of newsreel material, first covering briefly the past history of Hungary. then giving in detail the uprising of October. 1956, ending with the Russian troops crushing the re… Read more

Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome (Kenneth Anger, 1954)
"Within the Abbey of Thelema, Lord Shiva wakes. The Scarlet Woman presents the mandragore, and a glamour is cast. A convocation of enchantresses and theurgists in the form of saints: Aphrodite, lsis,… Read more

Indochina (Morten Parker, 1955)
After seven years of fighting the peoples of Laos. Cambodia and Vietnam are reconstructing their disordered existence with the help of truce teams representing India, Poland and Canada. The film deal… Read more

IT HAPPENED ON THE STREET (Yanko Yankov, 1955)
It Happened On The Street was the first Bulgarian film dealing with everyday life and only twelfth altogether in the country's young film industry. It is the first Bulgarian film to be shown in Austr… Read more

JAN HUS (Otakar Vavra, 1955)
This colourful film deals with the life of Jan Hus, reformer and preacher, who lived in Bohemia at the beginning of the 15th Century. It starts with the period when Hus preached his fiery sermons aga… Read more

Khajuraho (Mohan Wadhwani, 1956)
During the tenth and eleventh centuries Khajuraho was one of the capitals of the great Hindu Kings - the Chandellas. Eighty-five temples were built and we see the architecture and imagery of five of … Read more

L'Idee (Berthold Bartosch, 1934)
An experimental film of animated cutout figures,The Idea was one of the first films to use animation for serious purposes - to depict the creation and birth of an artistic idea. The. emotional effect… Read more

La Route Des Epices (W. Novik, 1953)
Told through the faded splendour of European illuminated manuscripts, Persian and Indian miniatures and Chinese paintings, the film illustrates the famous traveller's ventures into the fabulous 13th … Read more

Land Below the Sea (, 1956)
The history of the Netherlands is one of constant battle against the relentless sea. Slowly, the enemy has been driven back as rich farmlands are reclaimed from the driving surf. Occasionally, as in … Read more

Late Winter to Early Spring (G. J. Brealey, 1954)
A lyrical documentary set in the Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne; basically an exercise in telling a story through pictures: no dialogue or commentary is used. The film presents a number of small caricatu… Read more

Lost Freedom (Viktor Valet, 1956)
Without a single word of commentary, this unusual film presents an eloquent plea against keeping birds and animals in captivity. ... Read more

Madurai (Jagat Murari, 1956)
The story of the thousand-pillared Meenakshi Temple of Madurai, which abounds in sculpture and carvings. ... Read more

Magic Seed (V. Kadochnikov, F. Filipov, 1943)
A Russian fairytale of two children who, aided by an eccentric old gentleman from another planet, overthrow a terrible ogre, his army of "Long-noses", and his principal henchman. "Eatalive". The illu… Read more

On the borders of Poland and Czechoslovakia stand the great Tatra Mountains. Here live the Men of the Blue Cross, the mountain rescue teams. Their headquarters are in Zakopane, capital of the Tatras.… Read more

Modesta (Benji Deniger, 1956)
In its programme of work with the rural families of Puerto Rico, the Division of Community Education has recently produced two films and a book on the theme, "The Rights of Women". The country man, t… Read more

Moonglow (Harold F. Mack, 1955)
A cartoon based on the Comedia dell' Arte Arlecchino and Columbine. The classical story is told by mime in a balletic style. ... Read more

MOTHER (Mark Donskoi, 1955)
Gorki's famous novel, "Mother", was first filmed during the height of the Russian silent period by Pudovkin who used the story for the realisation of his theories on constructive editing. ... This ne… Read more

New King Coke (Dennis Shand, 1956)
A puppet being transported from bygone days to the twentieth century where with knowledge gained on smokeless fuel, returns to his own time and is well rewarded by a King whose palace he has rid of s… Read more

New Roots (Lazar Dunner, 1956)
A large number of Jewish immigrants are introduced each year into Israel from Middle East Countries and their assimilation creates a serious problem. Beautifully photographed in sensitive Eastmancolo… Read more

Oberammergau (, )
We pay a brief visit to the Passion Play Village and meet some of the villagers, young and old, who have roles in the passion play. Finally, we are offered glimpses of the play itself, shot during a … Read more

Off the Coast of the Antarctic (G. Nifontov, 1956)
The film starts with a brief review of the history of Antarctic exploration by scientists of Britain, Russia. Norway, Australia and America. ... In January, 1956, the first Soviet scientific expediti… Read more

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