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Films Screened In 1958

Conquest of the Rivers (H. Malcolm, 1957)
The story of the Snowy Mountains scheme and its purpose seen through the eyes of a bore sinker who takes a diamond drilling job and moves with his family to live in the mountains. (Documentary.) ... Read more

Cowboy Jimmy (Dusan Vukotic, 1957)
A colour cartoon in which a cowboy hero is lured from the screen by his young admirers &ndash: only to fall painfully short of their fantasy ideals. ... Read more

Das Bronzetor (Alfred Ehrhardt, 1955)
The story of the Bible as depicted on a bronze door at the Cathedral of San Zeno at Verona. The straightforward presentation of an important medieval monument allows one to observe some of the princi… Read more

Das Lied vom See (, )
Events of a day in the life of a beautiful German lake &ndash: Chiemsee. The face of the water changing with the play of the elements, the boats, people on the shore, the old buildings. ... Read more

Date with Dizzy (John Hubley, 1956)
A satire on the production of a TV. commercial. showing the improvisation of a musical sound track for animated drawings. ... Read more

DON QUIXOTE (G. Kozintev, 1957)
One tine summer morning, a tall, thin man. wearing the armour of a knight and mounted on a scraggy steed, rides forth from a small Spanish village. Following him on a little donkey is a good-natured … Read more

Donnerstag, 7. August in Hamburg (Kurt Wolfes, 1958)
The film shows in a realistic as well as romantic manner the inhabitants of Hamburg over the period of one day. Simple human scenes are shot against the background of the interesting town. ... Read more

DREAMS THAT MONEY CAN BUY (Hans Richter, 1944)
A feature length film in which six fantastic visions, dreams, songs, and stories in colour, are united by an equally fantastic "frame-story" in black and white. This film realizes, unhampered by any … Read more

Dubrovnik Summer Festival (Mrmak-Misin, 1957)
The traditional Dubrovnik Summer Festival and a survey of the cultural and historical monuments of Dubrovnik, its seventeen open-theatres, its old palaces and its streets. ... Read more

Emperor of Monkeys (J. Lacko, Dzei-Cao, 1955)
This is a fascinating, brightly costumed sequence from an ancient Chinese folk opera. Athletic dancing to the original Chinese music is a feature of this vigorous display. ... Read more

Endless Creation - The Fountain of Youth (Yukio Tomizawa, 1957)
We are shown a glimpse of the complicated system of life through the functions of glucuronic acid which is indispensable for the preservation of youth and energy. ... Read more

Every Day Except Christmas (Lindsay Anderson, 1957)
The story of a day's work at Covent Garden, from the moment when the first lorry arrives in the quiet and shuttered market soon after midnight, through the increasingly busy hours around dawn, until … Read more

FARREBIQUE (Georges Rouquier, 1946)
Farrebique is the name of a farm in the Aveyron district in central France. The farm is worked by grandfather who owns it, his wife, their two sons, Roch and Henri, and Roch's wife Berthe with her gr… Read more

FRIENDS FOR LIFE (Franco Rossi, 1956)
Amici Per La Pelle is a film of great compassion. Franco Rossi has the advantage of using a story that never strikes for dramatic twists or the eccentric character. It is a story that springs from th… Read more

Galathea (Ion Popescu Gopo, 1957)
The love story of a youth, who inspired old mythological legend, succeeds in a statue. ... Read more

Gazouly, Petit Oiseau (L. Starevitch, 1953)
Based on a story by Sonika Bo, this is a film about the life of a Paris sparrow. ... Read more

Hard to Windward (Max Graham, 1958)
An account of the 680 miles Sydney-Hobart yacht race. Covering the race, from the preparation and start on Sydney Harbour to its finish, the camera travels with the yachts and reports the conditions … Read more

HE WHO MUST DIE (Jules Dassin, 1957)
Jules Dassin's film has been hailed as one of the finest to come out of France in recent years, It is adapted from a novel by Karantzaki, "Christ Recrucified", and is described by Lindsay Anderson as… Read more

Heartbeat (John Gray, 1958)
This film is concerned with the problems of drinking and driving and shows what happens to two young people who mix the two. ... Read more

Honeybees and Pollination (L. Gosnell, J. Durden, 1956)
Close range photography shows the secrets of the beehive, the queen, drones, workers, the building of honeycombs, the feeding of the young, the storage of nectar and pollen and the pollination of pla… Read more

Honk . . . Honk (J. Jabely, 1956)
A short and amusing cartoon-history of transportation from the earliest days to today, based on facts and original documents. ... Read more

Hunters of the Southern Seas (S. Kogan, 1956)
In October 1955 the Soviet whaling fleet set sail on its tenth trip to the Antarctic. The fleet consisted of the factory ship '"Slava" and fifteen small catchers. During the seven and a half months t… Read more

Impressions de New York (François Reichenbach, 1955)
These are no ordinary travel notes brought back from America by filmmakers; they are not enthusiastic records of skyscrapers and crowds. but disturbing aspects of a hallucinatory world of concrete an… Read more

Inland with McDouall Stuart (Lex Halliday, 1957)
Part 1 is a historical record of Stuart's jour¬neys using sketches and animated maps. Part 2 is entitled "The Northern Territory Today" and is a study of aspects of modern development in the Terr… Read more

It Happened in the North (B. Goldenblank, 1953)
A bear cub strays and plays with a hunter's puppy. When bigger dogs chase the cub the hunter comes to the rescue. ... Read more

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