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Films Screened In 1958

Town Without a Name (John Morris, 1958)
Neatly caught in a web of statistics, a small town is used to illustrate the impact of road toll on our nation. ... Read more

Traders in Leather (Sydney Latter, 1957)
Set against the background of the burning plains of Northern Nigeria and the historic walled city of Kano, this is the story of Nigeria's growing exports of raw hides and skins to the western world. ... Read more

Trance and Dance in Bali (Gregory Bateson, Margaret Mead, 1951)
An authentic unstaged record of a Balinese ceremonial dance drama in which the never-ending struggle between the witch and the dragon, the death dealing and the life protecting, is played out to the … Read more

Tuna (G. S. Shepherd, 1957)
Depicting the search for the Blue Fin Tuna off the south-eastern section of Eyre Peninsula, South Australia, the film shows the pole line method recently introduced into Australia for catching this t… Read more

WEDDING DAY (Lee Il, 1957)
This delightful Korean film is an almost fairytale comedy of how a slave girl becomes the bride of a rich young man. The story would be charming in any setting, but in this Eastern background, the de… Read more

Wedlock (Ed Spiegel, Louis Clyde Stoumen, 1951)
This satirical phantasy is a parody on the "symbolism" of the more cliche-ridden experimental cinema productions. ... Read more

Where Mountains Float (Bjarne Henning Jensen, 1954)
Where Mountains Float is the first big Danish colour film and tells of the enterprise of Green-landers and Danes from kayak to cutter &ndash: from a hunting culture to fishing. This story is told in … Read more

Witch Doctor (Ritter-Young-Lerner Associates, 1952)
A dance stylization of a voodoo rite performed by a Haitian witch doctor, with Jean Leon Destine dancing the title role which highlights the poetry of barbaric rhythms. ... Read more

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