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Films Screened In 1967

RED BEARD (Akira Kurosawa, 1965)
At the end of the Tokugawa Period, a young man returns to Edo after several years' study at a Dutch medical school in Nagasaki. Told to make a formal call at the public clinic and pay his respects to… Read more

Rid'n (, 1965)
A TV commercial aiming at creating a masculine image for a brand of beer. ... Silver Award, Advertising Category, Australian Film Awards. ... Read more

Romance (Jaromil Jires, 1965)
A provocative episode about a gypsy girl who picks up an 18-year-old youth. Her chameleon-like changes leave him baffled and confused. ... Read more

Rubin - The Palette of a Poet (Yona Zarecki, 1966)
Through a lyrical tracing of the evolution of Rubin's work, this film shows the land of Israel, its moods and its people. ... Read more

Samurai (Yoji Kuri, 1965)
In tune with Koto music, Yoji Kuri animates the present day Samurai to show that some of them have a sense of humour. ... First Prize, Animation, Mamaia Festival. ... Read more

Sarvepalli Radhakrishna (N. S. Thapa, 1966)
A projection of the personality of the President of India as a man of learning and a promoter of world peace. ... Read more

Science Friction (Stan Vanderbeck, 1964)
A non-verbal political satire which reflects on mass-society, conformism, and today's infatuation with rockets. ... Award, Bergamo Festival. ... Read more

SECONDS (John Frankenheimer, 1966)
Rich, conservative, and middle-aged, Arthur Hamilton is jolted out of the routine of life by an extraordinary telephone call from a bizarre organization which offers him a chance to buy himself a new… Read more

Sense of the City (, 1966)
An evocation of the spirit of New York as seen through the eyes of poets whom it has inspired. ... Read more

This vivid, detailed reconstruction of a bygone age shows the customs and traditions in the villages of Carpathia in the south-west Ukraine during the nineteenth century. The panorama of life, includ… Read more

SHANGHAI EXPRESS (Josef von Sternberg, 1932)
On a train journey from Peiping to Shanghai, Shanghai Lily, notorious white prostitute, meets an old flame, Captain Harvey. The train is stopped by revolutionists led by Chang, and Harvey is held as … Read more

Skaterdater (Noel Black, 1965)
The story captures the precise moment when a boy becomes aware of girls. As a background to the central theme, the film highlights, with outstanding colour and brilliant editing, the dazzling skill a… Read more

Sonny (Hank Nadler, 1967)
One morning, a negro boy walks out of New York's Harlem, into fear... ... Read more

SONS AND DAUGHTERS (Jerry Stoll, 1967)
Sons and Daughters is a feature length documentary film about youth and controversy. Set in the San Francisco Bay Area during the International Days of Protest, October 15-16. 1965, it records 36 hou… Read more

Stress (Bernice Rubens, 1966)
The film deals with five families whose children are physically handicapped or mentally seriously disturbed. It shows their problems which range from accommodation to finance, and that all are waging… Read more

Symphony in White (Erwin Szekler, 1966)
A snatch of film-poetry which creates its atmosphere by means of image and music. ... Read more

That Way to Madra (Adriaan Ditvoorst, 1965)
A young soldier's wife is injured in an accident. The films tells the story of his fight against red tape for a leave pass to visit her. ... Critics' Prize, Pesaro Festival. ... Read more

The Bargain (Beryl Stevens, 1965)
A plain man's animated guide to the advantages of a bank account. ... First Prize, Industrial Film Awards, London; Third Prize, Industrial Film Awards, Rouen. ... Read more

The Boudoir (Ezra Baher, Robert Davis, 1965)
A business man on a commuter train observes a young lady preparing herself for a day in the city. ... Read more

THE BOY ACROSS THE STREET (Josef Shalhin, 1966)
David, a boy of twelve, was born under an unlucky star. His mother deserted him, and his father, a new immigrant from Morocco, cannot adapt himself to the new surroundings. ... David gets into troubl… Read more

The Chicken (Claude Berri, 1963)
A story about a bewitching little boy who becomes attached to a chicken, intended for the family dinner. ... Read more

The Daisy (Todor Dinov, 1965)
A beautiful white flower can only be picked by the pure. ... First Prize for Animation, Leipzig Festival. ... Read more

THE DANCE OF THE HERON (Fons Rademakers, 1966)
This work, made by one of the leading Dutch directors whose films, The Spitting Image and The Knife, have previously been seen at Melbourne Festivals, is an uncompromising study of a thwarted relatio… Read more

THE EPIC THAT NEVER WAS (Bill Duncalf, 1965)
Unfinished, for reasons that were never entirely clear, / Claudius has become one of the most intriguing legends in film history. Nobody ever seemed to know how much of the film was shot; nobody knew… Read more

The Family of Man (Wladyslaw Slesicki, 1966)
Inspired by the famous exhibition of photographs, "The Family of Man", the camera records the life of a peasant family during a working day. ... Read more

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