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Films Screened In 1975

Home Movie (A. Aldred, 1974)
Life in the director's home from late summer through to spring, when a new member of the family is born. ... Read more

Horse of Mud (Atiat El-Abnoudi, 1972)
A little factory in Egypt. The people and their horses share everything—they suffer the heat, they work together, and at the end of the day, they bathe together in the Nile. ... Read more

Hungarian Castles (Tamás Czigány, 1973)
A study showing the changes in the design of Hungarian fortresses in the wake of the development of arms throughout the centuries. ... Read more

Hunger (Peter Foldes, 1974)
The stark contrast between super-abundance and hunger is forcefully depicted in this short film by means of computer-assisted animation. ... Jury Prize, Cannes. Golden Hugo, Chicago. Gold Medal, Barc… Read more

I Never Promised You A Long Run (Paul Leaf, 1972)
In this satire on the double standard, a young man wants to establish a relationship with a young woman. But she says: 'Don't you realise, there is a revolution going on?' and insists on a 'one night… Read more

Icarus (Richard Taylor, 1973)
A one-minute impression of the ... doomed flight of Icarus. ... Read more

Fiction and documentary are blended in an attempt to produce an insight into the subjective nature of truth. ... Inge Meier, who steals from her lovers, is not a prostitute, but merely combines the s… Read more

In Great Waters (Laurence Henson, 1974)
A story of the young, modern fishermen of Scotland who use new, up-to-date techniques for their excursions in the western and northern seas. The film shows the whole process of hunting, catching, lan… Read more

INFINITE TENDERNESS (Pierre Jallaud, 1969)
Two handicapped children, Emanuel and Simon, are unable to walk or talk. But they develop a friendship with each other, communicating only by facial expressions, smiles and inarticulate sounds. The r… Read more

Isaac Singer's Nightmare and Mrs. Pupko's Beard (Bruce Davidson, 1974)
Chaim Pupko, a Yiddish writer married to a woman with a beard, invests in the stock market and becomes rich. Pupko wants Isaac Singer to write about him, but Singer refuses, because Pupko bribes crit… Read more

It's All Man Made (Robert Young, 1973)
The story of a river, the Trent, and ... its tributaries. The film shows how ... pollution is being defeated and the environment preserved. ... Read more

Jeu (Piotr Kamler, 1966)
A free suite based on elements borrowed from some of Kamler's abstract works. ... Read more

JOHN'S WIFE (Yannick Bellon, 1974)
After sixteen years of marriage, Jean leaves his wife, Nadine. At first she is hysterical at the loss of her husband—she has invested her whole personality in the marriage. ... Her son, an aggr… Read more

L'intérieur (Piotr Kamler, 1961)
The immobile interior of an orange-coloured form, and the evolutions of two blue shapes, at times slow, at times jerky. ... Read more

LAST GRAVE AT DIMBAZA (Nana Mahomo, Chris Curling, 1974)
A film projecting the life of black people in a racist, white-dominated society. A case study of Dimbaza. ... Read more

Le labyrinthe (Piotr Kamler, 1970)
Unending perspectives, walls throbbing with coloured forms, menacing black birds swooping . . . lost in these abstract surroundings, a man tries desperately to escape from the maze of his solitude. ... Read more

Le trou (Piotr Kamler, 1968)
'The heartrending adventures of a non-being in search of himself. One will see it fairly clearly that in order to be alone, it is at times necessary to be two . . .' A short, metaphysical fable told … Read more

Lignes et points (Piotr Kamler, 1966)
Infinite star space, where luminous forms evolve; dots swarm in webs of insubstantial lines. ... Read more

At the age of eighty-two. Lina Braake loses her home. The bank has plans to develop the site and her house is about to be pulled down. Against her will, she is placed in an old people's home on the o… Read more

Love is Hate (Ian Macrae, 1975)
Portrait of a young Australian worker: his soul killing work at the factory, his rather lonely existence at home, his fascination with cars, and some flashes of his fantasy life. ... Read more

LOVERS IN THE YEAR ONE (Jaroslav Balík, 1973)
The works of the Czech writer, Jan OtcenaSek, who was born in 1924, have already been used as the basis of the films Citizen Brych and Romeo, Juliet and Darkness. Lovers in Year One, directed by Jaro… Read more

Magical Death (Dr Napoleon A. Chagnon, 1973)
The film focuses on the role of an older Yanomamo Indian, Dede-heiwa, who is a prominent political leader and renowned shaman from a Yanomamo village in Venuzuela. It documents the activities that to… Read more

Master M.S.'s Passion (Gábor Takács, )
The analysis of six paintings of Master M.S., a Hungarian painter of the Middle Ages, whose name remains unknown. His paintings belong to the most beautiful creations of Hungarian medieval art. ... Read more

MATCHLESS (John Papadopoulos, 1974)
Three misfits live together in what is for them the closest approximation to harmony and contentment. Annie, constantly driven by inner torments, bullies and protects her friend Cynthia, a dreamy epi… Read more

Menuet (Piotr Kamler, 1968)
An abstract illustration of the famous minuet by Mozart. ... Read more

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