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Films Screened In 1981

Boolean Procedure (Nichola Bruce, Michael Coulson, 1980)
A film about change and crisis in the face of micro-chip technology facing blank walls and finding a way out of a vacuum. An analogy is made between computer and human functioning. ... Read more

Boom (Bretislav Pojar, 1979)
Made as a co-production between Short Film Prague and the United Nations, the film underlines the vital need for disarmament The film was awarded the Special Prize of the Jury for Short Films at Cann… Read more

Bridget Riley (David Thompson, 1979)
The film traces the work of the artist Bridget Riley as she organizes a painting in her studio, structuring simple elements which will release complex effects in response to the physical act of looki… Read more

BROTHERS AND SISTERS (Richard Woolley, 1980)
Brothers and Sisters is the latest and most ambitious production of the British Film Institute Production Board It marks the feature debut of Richard Woolley (born 1948) after a career in radical the… Read more

Bushed (Stephen French, 1980)
A displaced aboriginal meets a misplaced kangaroo Together they "travel the bush of Australia like true-born native men." But the bush has changed and they discover that "you can't go home again." ... Read more

CARMEN (Jacques Feyder, 1926)
This is probably the cinema's best version of Carmen, shot on location in raw, rocky Spanish settings and exuding a hot-house atmosphere of sexual passion and repression which stems more from Merimee… Read more

CHANCE (Feliks Falk, 1979)
Krzysztof Janota, the discharged coach of a third-league sports club, comes to a high school in a medium- sized city and takes the job of physical education teacher. He quickly ... becomes aware that… Read more

CHANCE, HISTORY, ART . . . (James Scott, 1980)
Using as its starting point a series of interviews with five artists recorded on videotape, this film examines the legacy of surrealism and its quest for a meeting point between the concrete world of… Read more

Children Painters of Lijiang River (Chen Zeren, )
Along the Lijiang River in southern China, the picturesque scenery is as beautiful as a Chinese painting. The landscape has long inspired the people of the region to compose poems and paint pictures.… Read more

Choreography (Margaret Craig, 1980)
The design of dance, like movement, brings to life a gallery of paintings. This is an animated film drawn directly on to film by the artist's hand. ... Read more

CHRISTOPHER'S HOUSE (Lars Lennart Forsberg, 1979)
Christopher lives in a large house surrounded by a rambling garden with his girlfriend, Hanna Downstairs live his grandmother, in her dotage, and a faithful maid. Christopher is a free-lance photogra… Read more

Cocktail Canape (Paul Schneller, 1980)
A parody of a nightclub entertainer. ... Read more

Four successful professional people. ... representative of the self-admiring “new" Ireland and proud of their image in society, are trapped for one night into acting out the truth about themselves … Read more

Dawson, J. (Don Mason, Nicky Malleson, 1980)
Dawson, J. is an original and penetrating assessment of the power of the media in misrepresenting trade union struggles and a frightening image of the threat to social democracy posed by state survei… Read more

Death of Television (Mark Lewis, 1980)
He was bored and the telly was bad. It all became just too much. ... Read more

DEDICATORIA (Jaime Chavarri, 1981)
Jaime Chavarri is known in Australia only for his 1977 feature To An Unknown God, an intense drama remembering a past which involved a night of murder and the unseen presence of the poet, Federico Ga… Read more

DEMON LOVER DIARY (Joel DeMott, 1980)
There are too many occasions when we are forced, either in films or on television, to sit through documentaries about the making of a film. Directors, it seems, like to add their own modest contribut… Read more

DEMON POND (Masahiro Shinoda, 1979)
A stranger appears in a drought stricken area His appearance is greeted with mysterious suspicion. He arrives deep in the mountains and encounters a beautiful woman He notices that the river flows an… Read more

Desire (Alan Ingram, 1980)
A commercial fairytale about sex and jealousy. ... Read more

Dollar Bottom (Roger Christian, 1980)
Dollar Bottom is based on a short ... story written by James Kennaway, the distinguished Scottish writer noted for the acclaimed Tunes of Glory. This is a gentle and humorous story set in Scotland in… Read more

Down and Out (David Sproxton, Peter Lord, 1980)
Another film in a series whose starting point is the sound track, made by pinning a radio microphone to the central character. The resulting "natural conversation" was edited to five minutes and the … Read more

Drama in the Forest (Therese Mallinson, 1979)
A feminist version of Little Red Riding Hood. ... Read more

Drawing the Line (Ian Walker, 1981)
Hosted by Patrick Cook, cartoonist and satirist, Drawing the Line looks at Australia and Australians through the humor of our political cartoons. Taking key historical events, the film makes a compar… Read more

DREAMLAND (Oz Scott, 1980)
Dreamland labels itself a film based on "the new sound of Gospel Rock" and is the true story of Joanne Crayton Joanne is the star of the Gospel Soul Children and she has the power to send her congreg… Read more

Dust to Dust (Sabina Wynn, 1981)
Dust to Dust tells the story of a small town in northern NSW and the effects of asbestos mining there. The people estimate that three-quarters of the workers have died or are sick from exposure to as… Read more

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