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Films Screened In 1988

MATEWAN (John Sayles, 1987)
With this, his fifth feature film, director-screenwriter John Sayles has fashioned something special, a modern American epic which lies somewhere between The Grapes of Wrath and High Noon (or as one … Read more

Mid Air (Vera Neubauer, 1987)
"Women, like the witches of old, learn to fly and use magical powers With these new-found powers, they try to inflict "female" suffering onto men This new understanding is seen as a vision, if not a … Read more

Milk and a Cup of Tea (Ester Haskell, 1988)
Sort of green and hot and sticky with plenty of bush tucker. Two white fellas end up amongst the tropical languidity of Melville Island. They learn, as Momma Blanche says "You mob got no dirty, filth… Read more

Mock Gravity (Franco Marinai, 1988)
Mock Gravity is a physics theory that describes how two objects that are in each other's shadow are attracted to each other. ... This experimental film represents the force of attraction between pain… Read more

MORE BAD NEWS (Ade Edmondson, 1987)
The, sequel to 1984's Bad New\ (a pie Spinal Tap mockumentary) finds the worlds worst heavy metal band lured to the come-back trail by a lucrative recording contract, four years after the inevitable … Read more

Mr. Benevolent (Chris Windmill, 1988)
The biography of Alan Bond is told by three of his admirers. Stars: Greg Fleet, Anthony Morgan ... Read more

MR. JOLLY LIVES NEXT DOOR (Stephen Frears, 1987)
"A Niagara of blood, booze, saliva and sick by Stephen (My Beautiful Laundrette) Frears, closer in spirit to The Young Ones than any of the other Comic Strip pics Edmondson and Mayall play a pair of … Read more

Mülheim on the Ruhr (Peter Nestler, 1964)
No synopsis available ... Read more

MY MAMA DONE TOLD ME (Elizabeth Taylor-Mead, 1987)
My Mama Done Told Me is about torch songs as they arc experienced in real life It weaves together classical recordings (by Edith Piaf, Nina Simone and Peggy Lee, among others) with dramatic dance seq… Read more

Nature Morte (Lantiand Outi Pitkanen, 1987)
An exercise in transformation ... Read more

NEW CHINESE CINEMA (Tony Rayns, 1988)
Written and directed by the festival's longstanding Asian Cinema consultant, Tony Rayns, this is a comprehensive overview of the truly cultural revolution which is taking place in the Chinese cinema … Read more

NEW DELHI TIMES (Ramesh Sharma, 1985)
A political mystery thriller that centres on a chain of events in the troubled Pujab, Ramesh Sharma in his tightly crafted first feature is looking into the repercussions of political corruption and … Read more

NEW YORK FRAMED (Simon Field, Keith Griffiths, 1987)
Fascinating documentary, punctuated by evocative footage from every conceivable New York story as depicted by several generations of visual artists, which manages to show 'how film is used in a varie… Read more

Notes from the Altmühl Valley (Hans Rolf Strobel, Heinrich Tichawsky, 1961)
No synopsis available ... Read more

NOVEMBER 1828 (Teguh Karya, 1980)
First shown abroad at the London Film Festival in 1980, November 1828 - the most internationally renowned of all Indonesian films - is, at last, to be screened in Australia. ... November 1828 is set … Read more

An enthralling look at a footnote to Hollywood history, this is essentially a straightforward overview of the phenomenal rise and fall of the American independent film production company B.B.S., the … Read more

Passiona (Louise Hubbard, 1988)
At her cousin's birthday party, 20 year old Cathy (Alice Gamer) meets Mr Wright (David Swann), the teacher on whom she had a schoolgirl crush at age 13. Seven years older but not yet wiser, Cathy is … Read more

People, Places, Trains (Peter Pewas, 1949)
No synopsis available ... Read more

Pleasure Domes (Maggie Fooke, 1987)
A reflective essay on the imposition of meretricious images upon landscape Narrative as a state of mind; landscape as an ice cream sundae. From the beach at Nice, to St Kilda Esplanade Selected for c… Read more

Présence Feminine (Eric Rochant, 1987)
A young woman barges into the home of a ... man she doesn't know a friend has given ... her the address. With her she brings two ... mysterious suitcases. ... Winner, French Cesai, Best Short Fiction… Read more

Private Island (Mark La Rosa, 1987)
35 Summers & Private Island are to be screened with Heart, Beating in the Dark ... Read more

Rabbit on the Moon (Monica Pellizzari, 1988)
Set sometime in the ambiguity of Black & White, Rabbit on the Moon retraces the not so black and white childhood of a northern Italian girl growing up in Australian suburbia. ... Read more

Rebound (Naciba Sator, 1988)
A woman and her children prepare to leave for New York, to make a fresh start. A tennis ball flung out of a window in Paris turns up in New York. There's no escape from destiny. ... Read more

RED SORGHUM (Zhang Yimou, 1987)
Former cincmatographer Zhang Yimou makes an impressive directional debut with this lush rural epic based on renowned Shangdong author Mo Yan's short story. Set during the Sino-Japanese war in the bar… Read more

Reds Dream (John Lasseter, 1987)
This film reveals what philosophers and poets have long wondered what do unicycles dream about on rainy days? Rcd, relegated to the discount section of a big-city bicycle shop, dreams of running off … Read more

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