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Mann with a Flute (Tom Craven, 1959)
An interesting portrait of a young jazz flautist, Herbie Mann, intercut with lyrical shots of New York from whence his inspiration is largely derived. ... Read more

Mayurakshi Dam (N. K. Issar, 1959)
With its source in the Santhal Paraganas, the Mayurakshi river flows through Birbhurn and Murshidabad in West Bengal This film tells the story of the harnessing of the river and of the part played by… Read more

MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT (Delbert Mann, 1959)
The world of Paddy Chayefsky is a joyless place where married love appears to be the only alternative to a life of sterile gloom, but he observes it so accurately and views his characters with such c… Read more

Misunderstanding (Ante Babaja, 1959)
A millstone is exhibited by chance at a modern art exhibition. The admirers of abstract art are enthusiastic about the new work until the miller appears and takes back the stone to the mill. ... Read more

Molanna (Aleksandra Jaskulska, 1959)
A biological film depicting the life of a larva known as Molanna Augustata. The insect inhabits the bottom of the lake where it has an instinct for building dwellings in the sand. ... Read more

Moonbird (John Hubley, 1959)
A colour cartoon on the fantasy of childhood. Two small boys, armed with rope, cage and bait, embark upon a nighttime expedition to capture the nocturnal bird. A bird does finally appear. Making frie… Read more

Mouse and Cat (W. Nehrebecki, 1959)
A most enterprising and amusing cartoon full of twists and legerdemain. Polish mouse I.Q.- 120, ... American mouse I.Q.-80! ... Read more

My Own Yard To Play In (Phil Lerner, 1959)
Photographed on the streets of New York, this film penetrates the world children create at their play. It stresses the need for better recreational facilities for children of large metropolitan areas… Read more

My Twelve Daddies (Eduard Hofman, 1959)
A satirical cartoon about premature marriages. A fickle young woman changes her husband, hairstyle, and dress, so often that she has not even time to comb her little girl's hair. ... Read more

NAZARIN (Luis Buñuel, 1959)
Luis Bunuel's film is a kind of summary of his style and his ideas. It is a truly great film. John Huston called it a masterpiece on the level of Bicycle Thieves, Bardem declares that its final scene… Read more

Peitahuang (The Great Northern Waste) is an area in North-East China. Formerly it was a snowy wilderness haunted by wild animals and birds. Its few inhabitants used lo say of it: "Wild and desolate i… Read more

NIGHT TRAIN (Jerzy Kawalerowicz, 1959)
A certain train with sleeping accommodation starts from a central Polish town long before sunset and arrives at a beach resort on the following morning. During the journey a dramatic event takes plac… Read more

ON THE BEACH (Stanley Kramer, 1959)
Screening in association with Lawrence Johnston's Fallout and to mark the centenary of Stanley Kramer's birth, MIFF presents On the Beach on the big screen. ... "The war started when people accepted … Read more

One Morning (A. Crottorn, 1959)
A charming tale, told without words, of how one morning a young boy follows the flight of a pigeon and of how he attempts to save the bird when it is menaced by a cat. ... Read more

Operation Matador (Don Chipperfield, 1959)
Five students had the bright idea of driving a motor mower 375 miles from Edinburgh to London. Ransomes supplied a Matador mower (it's quicker by train but its slower by mower) to get a mixture of cr… Read more

Piccolo (Dušan Vukotić, 1959)
The final world is neighbourly boorishness. Two neighbours are getting along fine, until one buys a small piccolo and aggravates the other by repeating the bird's tune in the middle of the night. Vuk… Read more

Portugal, Country of Cork (Alfred Ehrhardt, 1959)
The film tells of the extended cork oak forests in Portugal, of the peeling of the cork, its industrial processing and the production of pressed cork. We see how cork affects the economy of all count… Read more

POWER AMONG MEN (Thorold Dickinson, 1959)
This film is dedicated to its cast: the villagers of Sant" Ambrogio, Italy, the farmers of Fermathe. Haiti; the townsfolk of Kitimat. Canada, and the scientists at Kjcller, Norway. ... Power Among Me… Read more

Power with Precision (C. Rafferty, 1959)
The Australian steel industry, from the mining of ore, the milling of ingots to the production of nails to car bodies. ... Read more

Praise The Sea (Herman van de Horst, 1959)
Van der Horst, like Haanstra, has made his name with distinguished short films such as Shoot the Nets and Houen Zo. This his latest film is about the Netherlands and its dependence upon the sea. ... Read more

Radha and Krishna (J. S. Bhownagary, 1959)
Among India's legends one of the most poetic is the story of Radha and Krishna. Krishna the cow-herd god - the divine Lover; Radha, the beautiful milk maid symbolising the Heart of Man yearning for t… Read more

Raga (Jordan Belson, 1959)
A sensitive, non-objective film in which lace-like kaleidoscopic patterns move rhythmically to a Hindu Raga. ... Read more

RED INK (Viktor Gertler, 1959)
This Hungarian film tackles an adult theme of whether love has the right to disturb the peace and happiness of a family - whether one can teach ideals and not live up to them. ... Maria, a young scho… Read more

Refuge England (Robert Vas, 1959)
This intensely personal film brilliantly communicates the loneliness of a stranger confronted with the vastness of a foreign city. A first impression of London and Londoners is captured with a fresh,… Read more

Rivals (István Imre, 1959)
This puppet film tells the story of a smith and a tailor who live in a small town. They have a row and are forced to change jobs for a year. ... Read more

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