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Rhapsody in Wood (Bob Calinescu, 1961)
An ingenious puppet film with a difference. An old wood carver shapes the puppets which come to life and take wing. ... Read more

Russell Drysdale (D. Collings, 1961)
Eighty-two paintings of the artist show Drysdale's development over 25 years, revealing his discovery of the mystique of an ancient land and its people. Australian Film Award, Special Prize for excel… Read more

Secret of a Painting (Petre Sirin, 1961)
Paintings in museums often bear no signature. This film demonstrates how experts, relying on costume, architecture and hosts of other clues, establish the period in which a painting was painted; then… Read more

Shell Car Family (E. Porter, 1961)
A young car and its relations; and they all love Shell. First Prize, Advertising Section, "for the love-additive to a commercial"'. ... Read more

Six Candles (Michael Barden, 1961)
John Yates Smith dies on his daughter's sixth birthday— his undistinguished, mundane death could be yours. Six Candles received the Silver Award at the 1961 San Francisco Festival. ... Read more

SKID (Zbynek Brynych, 1961)
Frantisek Krai returns home after several years abroad. Plastic surgery following a car accident changed his face to such an extent that even his wife fails to recognise him. This new "ego", together… Read more

Structures (Piotr Kamler, 1961)
Variations in rhythm, duration and attack, realised by deliberately limited plastic means, and set to concrete music. ... Read more

Sugar and Fiji (G. Collings, 1961)
The film shows the place of the sugar industry in the economy of Fiji, and gives a glimpse of the life of the people who make up the industry. Australian Film Awards, Public Relations Sector, Silver … Read more

Sunday (Dan Drasin, 1961)
In the spring of 1961, authorities forbade folk singers the use of Washington Square which, hitherto, had been the centre of their gatherings. On Sunday, April 9th, 1961, about 100 folk singers march… Read more

Sunday (Dan Drasin, 1961)
Dan Drasin's free cinema-direct camera captures the confrontation between police and a group of folk singers with a directness and liveliness that is rare for documentaries in the early sixties. ... Read more

Swain (Gregory J. Markopoulos, 1961)
In the Hellenic myth, Hyacinthus was a beautiful youth who was loved by Apollo and Zephyrus. He returned Apollo's love, so Zephyrus killed him from jealousy. In the director's reading of the myth, Hy… Read more

Symphony in Glass (V. Laihanen, 1961)
An interestingly conceived little film showing the work of Finnish designers, who look for inspiration in nature for the original forms which they adapt for their designs in glass. ... Read more

Talking About Kitchens (Gerry Poulson, 1961)
This film, featuring the late Gilbert Harding, demonstrates that efficiency in the kitchen can be achieved without an array of expensive gadgets, and shows how planning can often result in a far more… Read more

Teiva (Francis Mazière, 1961)
The childhood adventure of a ten-year-old Poly­nesian boy, with all the naturalness and wonder which that suggests. ... Silver Medal, Venice Festival; Diplome D'Honneur R.I.F.J., Cannes. ... Read more

Tek (Etienne Raik, 1961)
The syncopated rhythm of a drum accompanies the rhythmic repetition of the word "Tek". ... Read more

TELEVISION AND THE WORLD (Richard Cawston, 1961)
As part of its 25th Anniversary commemoration. BBC-TV made this film on television in different countries, with special reference to those which are underdeveloped. It was made in nine countries spre… Read more

Terminus (John Schlesinger, 1961)
An impression of one day at a large London station — told with music, songs, and half-heard conversations, but without commentary. Venice "Golden Lion" Award. ... Read more

Téte de Moineau (Carlo Lombardini, 1961)
In a small street in Paris, a bootmaker finds a fallen fledgling - so begins a tale of a swallow's affection for its young. ... Read more

The Boyana Master (Hr. Topusanov, 1961)
The famous frescoes of the Bovana Church near Sofia were painted by an anonymous artist of the 13th century, who broke with medieval stereotypes and produced real­istic images long before Giotto. ... Read more

The Class (John Schlesinger, 1961)
A close-up of the work of a class in a drama school and of the methods used to train the aspiring actors and actresses. John Schlesinger's command of the particular directing technique required is su… Read more

The Coming of Christ (Donald B. Hyatt, 1961)
A collection of some 300 paintings by masters of the last five centuries arranged by a special technique to illustrate the birth and early life of Christ. The visual story is amplified by a spoken na… Read more

The Dreamer (Branko Ranitovic, 1961)
An animated treatment of the Walter Mitty theme, in which the hero exhausts himself with his day­dreams. ... Read more

The End of the Game (Theodor Christensen, 1961)
This controversial film, on the function of sport in society, claims that positive human and social values are to be found in athletics. At the same time it satirically surveys professional sport. ... Read more

THE EXILES (Kent MacKenzie, 1961)
In July 1957, Kent Mac-Kenzie began a survey of Ameri­can Indian life at several Southwest Indian reservations. He found that the younger generation nowadays tends to gravitate to the big cities,… Read more

The Faceless One (Bahrudin Cengic, 1961)
A study of the various activities of convicts inside a Yugoslav prison. The theme of the film is that a man without freedom is a man without identity. ... Read more

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