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IL POSTO (Ermanno Olmi, 1961)
Made by a young Italian director with a cast of non-professional actors, Il Posto concentrates on revealing its characters during a significant period of their lives. The story is very simple. Aged s… Read more

IL POSTO (Ermanno Olmi, 1961)
Made by a young Italian director with a cast of non-professional actors. // Posto concentrates on revealing its characters during a significant period of their lives. The story is very simple. Aged s… Read more

Incident at Owl Creek (Robert Enrico, 1961)
A fragment out of the American Civil War. In a woody Alabama gorge preparations are being made for the hanging of a civilian. In the grey light before sunrise, the condemned man speculates on whether… Read more

Indian Water Birds (Gopal Datt, 1961)
Intimate pictures of the habits and characteristics of a variety of Indian water birds. Included are scenes of a courtship dance, quaint ways of feeding, and various scenes of large colonies. ... Read more

Jolly Swagman (D. Baker, 1961)
A young boy dreams he meets the various characters of the Waltzing Matilda legend. ... Read more

Kaleidoscope - Made in Austria (Helmut Pfandler, 1961)
A pictorial survey of Austria's industrial potential, told without commentary in purely visual terms. ... Read more

Kandyan Dancing (A. Seneviratna, 1961)
The film shows the famous Kandyan Dance in its entirety and details of its variations. We also see portion of the annual pageant in Kandy, "Kandy Perahera". ... Read more

Kangra and Kulu (N. S. Thapa, 1961)
Lying to the north of the Punjab and situated amidst the splendours of the Himalayas are the valleys of Kanga and Kulu. The film includes scenes of the colourful marriages of the people here and othe… Read more

Käthe Kollwitz (Herbert Apelt, 1961)
An illustration of the life and work of the artist. The important stages and experiences in her life are reproduced in short scenes, and her work has been split up into theme complexes. The timelessn… Read more

Kitsiumbanyi (Fernand Tack, 1961)
A fascinating account of the eruption of the volcano Nyamuragia in the Congo. ... Read more

KOLKA, MY FRIEND (Alexey Saltykov, Alexandre Mitta, 1961)
Kolka Snegirev is a boy like any other, but his reaction to boredom is a positive one—often leading to disfavour, as in the classroom. He finds a "fellow-sufferer" in the new Pioneer leader, Se… Read more

L'intérieur (Piotr Kamler, 1961)
The immobile interior of an orange-coloured form, and the evolutions of two blue shapes, at times slow, at times jerky. ... Read more

La Cathédrale Engloutie (D. S. Ashton, 1961)
The record of a series of abstract paintings and collages, based on the legend of the submerged cathedral, which were produced by the English artist, Ceri Richards. ... Read more

La Grande Foire (J. Mitry, A. Valio, 1961)
A fair should be a source of relaxation, of joy. Yet it is full of horrors and brutality, perhaps translating the hidden instincts of aggression and brutality lurking in all of us. ... Read more

Le Gros et le Maigre (Roman Polanski, Jean-Pierre Rosseau, 1961)
A haunting parable which insists that a slave will abandon all dreams of freedom if his master merely removes the intolerable restrictions which he has imposed. ... Read more

Le Rendez-Vous Du Bois Du Boulogne (W. Carone, 1961)
A young boy of 13 is waiting to meet a girl, slightly older than he is, in the Bois de Boulogne. She is already two hours late, but his fantasies about her keep him occupied. At last, she arrives, bu… Read more

LEON MORIN, PRIEST (Jean-Pierre Melville, 1961)
Grenoble, 1940: a French provincial town during the Occupalton. A young widow with a child, anti-religious and Marxist, is discontented with her life. One day partly through boredom, partly through d… Read more

Let My People Go (John Krish, 1961)
A documentary film about the treatment of the native population of South Africa. The abject misery, the injustice, the stupidities of apartheid, are shown with revealing forthrightness. ... Read more

Lights and Men (Hristo Kovachev, 1961)
Under the town of Dimitrovo's quiet night streets there lies another town; a town which is restless and tense where the battle for coal goes on ceaselessly. ... Read more

LIVING JAZZ (Jack Gold, 1961)
A sober, factual study of the working lives of the members of Bruce Turner's Jump Band, a small group of professional jazz musicians. The film opens at the end of a dance at their base above a London… Read more

Lonely Boy (Wolf Koenig, Roman Kroitor, 1961)
A candid portrait of the popular entertainer and teenage idol, Paul Anka. Filmed in New York and in Atlantic City where fans turned out by the thousands to see and hear this young Ottawa singer and c… Read more

Love and FIlm (Ivo Vrbanic, 1961)
Love is the same the world over, but there are variations on the theme; this film is a parody on the American, Swedish, French, Italian, Russian, Japanese and Yugoslav styles. ... Read more

Magritte (Luc de Heusch, 1961)
Curious souvenirs of a voyage into the universe by the famed Belgian surrealist painter. "Reality is a word devoid of meaning; space is not certain; the world has lost all consistency. My task is to … Read more

Mathematical Peep Shows (Charles Eames, Ray Eames, 1961)
A fascinating introduction to mathematics through a series of short film essays in cartoon und live action showing, for example, how the earth was measured with the use of simple instruments. ... Read more

Men on the Road (Kasimierz Karabasz, 1961)
This documentary film, gaining by understatement, is a study of a modest travelling circus - the life without the glamour. The photography is thoroughly telling and the film has a hauntingly grey, ra… Read more

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