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Hand in Hand (Anna Herskó, 1964)
A quite enchanting record of .in exciting woilil seen through lhe eyes of a child. ... Read more

Hangman (Paul Julian, Les Goldman, 1964)
The film uses painting and design to speak out against the silence of people in the face of evil. ... Silver Sail, Locarno Festival; Silver Medal, San Franciso Festival. ... Read more

Help! My Snowman's Burning Down (Carson Davidson, 1964)
A man is seated in a bathtub, typing under water — the tub. along with other bathroom fillings, stands on the end of a pier This is his world, but outside intrusions eventually overtake him. A … Read more

Himalayan Lakes (Gopal Datt, 1964)
Scenes from a dozen lakes in the mountains offer an unfamiliar and attractive facet of the Himalayan landscape. ... Read more

Hiver (Piotr Kamler, 1964)
A graphic transposition of a movement from Vivaldi's The Four Seasons. ... Read more

I THE ABORIGINAL (Cecil Holmes, 1964)
The film, which is based on Douglas Lockwood's book "I The Aboriginal", traces the siory of Phillip Roberts, a full blooded AIawa tribesman from the Roper River, from the time of his meeting wiih a d… Read more

I Think They Call Him John (John Krish, 1964)
An old man's life has. in a way. become the ultimate expression of lhat much-discussed twentieth century condition — the failure of communication. ... City of Krakow Prize, 1964. Diploma of Mer… Read more

I WALK AROUND MOSCOW (Georgy Danelia, 1964)
This pleasant, unpretentious film is about a young man from Siberia who, passing through Moscow, befriends a city boy who shows him the town. They meet a girl and spend a few idyllic hours doing noth… Read more

I Wonder Why . . . (Fredric Abeles, Stephen Segal, 1964)
This brief film-poem ponders on the ways of the world through the eyes of a child. ... Read more

INTENTIONS OF MURDER (aka Unholy Desire) (Shohei Imamura, 1964)
“Arresting and provocative… An authentic shocker.” - New York Times Another film from Shohei Imamura often muttered in the same breath as ‘masterpiece', Intentions of Murder (aka Unholy… Read more

Intergalactic Zoo (Morton Goldsholl, 1964)
An album of animated characters from a zoo located on Mars. ... Read more

Kenojuak (John Feeney, 1964)
Here is a strange world where, in the deepening Arctic twilight, the snow the sky, the very air seem to throng with shadows. This beautifully photo­graphed film is an essay on an Eskimo graphic a… Read more

Knees Up Mother Brown (Peter Kingsgate Smith, Luciane Della Mura, 1964)
An affectionate account of the pleasures of four old ladies in London's Eat End. ... Read more

La Cloche (Jean L'Hote, 1964)
A boy dates his girl near a bell which is waiting to be blessed before being hung in the belfry of a new church. A storm breaks out and the boy shelters under the bell. A mongrel forces him to cling … Read more

Lahaul and Spiti (N. S. Thapa, 1964)
The scenic grandeur and the life of the colourful people of Lahaul and Spiti — an area snowbound and cut of from the rest of the world for six months of the year. ... Read more

LEGACY (Richard Snodgrass, 1964)
This independent production— largely made by one man, Richard Snodgrass — comments on the legacy which the the adult world is preparing for the young. The setting is a small town in Arizo… Read more

LEMONADE JOE (Oldrich Lipsky, 1964)
Here the Czechs have taken a classic American folk-form, the Western, and shot it full of holes. This is the story of a folk-hero named Lemonade Joe whose exploits would astonish those other great co… Read more

Les Automanes (Arcady, 1964)
The misadventures of two people for whom the driving of a car involves one's self respect. ... Read more

Les Jeux des Anges (Walerian Borowczyk, 1964)
A nightmarish journey into an undefined hell. Through its dynamic blend of formalism and suggestion, the film succeeds in giving the spectator one of the strangest and most overwhelming of aesthetic … Read more

Les Oiseaux sont des c . . . (Chaval, 1964)
A montage of cartoonist Chaval's drawings of strange birds. The rapid commentary, regrettably untranslated, insists on insulting them. ... Read more

Let the Roses Live (Sergiu Nicolaescu, 1964)
A film-metaphor in which the flowers are pleading for the preservation of peace. ... Read more

Lila (Hugh Raggett, 1964)
After the death of her father, who was a clairvoyant. Lila discovered that she had the same powers, this film shows her at work as a medium in a spirtualist church. ... Read more

Made At Coaraze (Gérald Belkin, 1964)
Fragmentary impressions of life in a village in southern France are put together again in an impressionistic - an often bewildering - manner, to reveal the passions hidden below the surface. ... Prix… Read more

MAN AMONG MANKIND (Erich Bottlinger, Wolf Littmann, 1964)
"Today 35,000 Jews live in the German Bundes-republik. They live amongst us and with us. But there is still no unbiased human and civic relationship towards each other. One has not yet found the righ… Read more

Mermaid (Osamu Tezuka, 1964)
A whimsical tale of impossible love rendered in severely simplistic stick-figure technique. Tezuka explored a vast range of styles and tech­niques in his animation which he could not do with his … Read more

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