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INFINITE TENDERNESS (Pierre Jallaud, 1969)
Two handicapped children, Emanuel and Simon, are unable to walk or talk. But they develop a friendship with each other, communicating only by facial expressions, smiles and inarticulate sounds. The r… Read more

Invocation of My Demon Brother (Kenneth Anger, 1969)
An idiosyncratic exploration of the world of magic using its raw materials: stigmata, scarabs and weird symbolism, by a magician cum director. ... This elusive film has a soundtrack by Mick Jagger on… Read more

It's All in the Game, I'n It? (Tom Clegg, 1969)
A look at one night in the life of a professional boxer, Jimmy Anderson, showing how a moment of triumph turns a fairly ordinary man into a modern gladiator. ... Italian Sporting Centre Trophy, Corti… Read more

JACK AND JILL: A POSTSCRIPT (Phillip Adams, Brian Robinson, 1969)
Jill is a young Catholic kindergarten teacher with cultural aspirations, who is becoming bored with her boyfriend. Jack is a tow-truck driver, a delinquent bikie in his spare time, with neither cultu… Read more

KES (Ken Loach, 1969)
Billy is a loner. His older brother bullies him, and his good timing mother passes him off to a succession of one night uncles. At the age of 15 years, he is on the brink of an aimless existence of p… Read more

Kidnapping of the Sun and the Moon (Sándor Reisenbüchler, 1969)
War and other human evils destroy the sun and the moon. Darkness and want grip mankind. but the will to live recaptures the light. The film is based on a poem by the ... Hungarian poet. Ferenc Juhás… Read more

KILLER (Claude Chabrol, 1969)
The crushed body of a nine-year-old boy is found in a village street, the victim of a hit-and-run driver. His father, a lonely widower of 35, has lost all that was most dear to him. He is an author o… Read more

Kisses (Ion Popescu-Gopo, 1969)
This witty and resourceful cartoon in back and clue begins with two figures: a pat on the shoulder, a kiss, and the leap of one on to the other's back,. But that is only the way it begins... ... Read more

L'Homme aux Chats (Henri Glaeser, 1969)
A black comedy about a solitary man who lives with sixty cats. To them, he pours out his heart, memories of a lost love… ... Read more

Labyrinth (Piotr Kamler, 1969)
Rejecting real life, with its crowds and ... noises, a man enters a fantastic world ... of extraordinary people. Soon, this ... world becomes more and more ... threatening, the man is pursued and ...… Read more

Lagged - The Story of a Convict (John Clark, Henrietta Clark, 1969)
The story of a young convict lad: his life in London during the late 18th century his transportation to New South Wales, and his life in the new colony. ... Silver Award. Australian Film Awards 1969 ... Read more

LARKS ON A STRING (Jiri Menzel, 1969)
A FULL 21 YEARS after it was made, Jiri Menzel's Larks on a String is finally off the shelf. Menzel's film, a courageous, bittersweet comedy of considerable charm and invention, is now being seen pub… Read more

Le Voyage de Monsieur Guitton (Pascal Aubier, 1969)
A man notices as he wakes up that his bedroom is behaving like a train. Outside the window, the countryside rushes past. The room/train brakes and then stops. The man gets out on to the platform and … Read more

Leela (Govind Saraiya, 1969)
The colours, forms, designs and movements of the toys of India, which have a long history and tradition, are studied against their original backgrounds and regional music. ... Read more

LEO THE LAST (John Boorman, 1969)
As in Boorman's other films, its material is the complex problem of civilisation, here pinpointed in a London slum. Leo, an exiled European aristocrat, accompanied by his mistress, Margaret, and his … Read more

Light (Paul Cohen, 1969)
An experiment in film design showing light in its many forms, its changing moods, and its effect on the senses. ... Read more

MACUNAÍMA (Joaquim Pedro de Andrade, 1969)
Macunaima comes from the studios of the Brazilian Cinema Novo group, young filmmakers working on Indian culture and usually delving into social, economic and political ills with seriousness or vision… Read more

Mafai, my Father (Giuditta Mafai, 1969)
Through the memories of the daughter of the great painter, and from his most significant works, comes a reconstruction of the image of Mafai, the unknown; both his most intimate aspect, and an object… Read more

Man of Many Teeth (Fons Grasveld, 1969)
A girl on a train has a rather horrifying encounter with a fanatic who collects teeth. ... Read more

Masaccio - La Cappella Brancacci (Giambattista Girardi, 1969)
An absorbing analysis of the structure and meaning of each of the frescoes in the Chiesa del Carmine in Florence. ... Read more

Mask of the Red Death (Pavao Å talter, Branko Ranitovic, 1969)
Stalter's remarkable hand-painted evocation of Edgar Allan Poe's haunting tale of famine and plague. Stalter has captured more of the elusiveness of the moody poet than any other film-maker. ... Read more

Maybe (Graham Denman, 1969)
Back and forth across the Tyne a ferry runs, linking Northumberland to County Durham, North to South Shields. The ferry belongs to its environment, but is also an extension of the engineman who guide… Read more

Metamorfeus (Jirí Brdecka, 1969)
An animated film, which demonstrates the immortality of the legend of Orpheus and Euridice. The artwork is based on the style of Pompeian frescoes; the music is by the renowned composer, Zdenek Liska. Read more

Moving Statics (Arthur Cantrill, 1969)
The art of abstract mime is fused with that of creative film making. Will Spoor draws his ideas for his art from the movement of animals, birds, objects in space, and relates them to the structure of… Read more

MY NIGHT WITH MAUD (Eric Rohmer, 1969)
Synopsis not available Read more

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