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One Man Show (Michael Carnill, 1970)
Tony Underhill, the Australian painter, talks about abstract painting. The film shows the opening of his one-man show, also the artist at work and at home. ... Read more

Paddington Lace (Christopher McCullough, 1970)
Paddington is one of Sydney's oldest suburbs, which has developed somewhat along the lines of New York's Greenwich Village, or London's Chelsea, and has become Sydney's artist colony. This fully dram… Read more

Pagan Rhapsody (George Kuchar, 1970)
Like Hold Me While I'm Naked, Rhapsody is as much about the difficulty of staging the drama as drama itself. Grand pianist Edgar is trying to recount his memoirs for biographer Camillo: they are both… Read more

Paradise Lost (Evelyn Lambert, 1970)
Bright, animated cut-outs epitomise the threat that hangs over all creatures of the wild, as a result of the chemical interference by man with the delicately balanced harmony of nature. ... Read more

PEAU D'ÂNE (Jacques Demy, 1970)
As with The Pied Piper which Jacques Demy made in 1971, Peau d'ane is an attempt to bring a fairytale narrative to the screen in as faithful a way to the original as possible, yet subtly reinterprete… Read more

PERFORMANCE (Donald Cammell, Nicolas Roeg, 1970)
Performance is the result of the combination of the talents of Nicolas Roeg (who made Walkabout) and Donald Cammell. It is a film which has troubled distributors, censors and critics throughout the w… Read more

Peru: Inca Heritage (Elda Hartley, 1970)
The simple agrarian life of the descendants of the Incas. living today in the Peruvian Andes, is played against the backdrop of the ruins of Cuzco and Machu Picchu. ... Read more

Pillar of Wisdom (Josef Reeve, 1970)
A film on the dramatic initiation rites at Queen's University— primarily about the ritual where "fresh" attempt to climb a greased pole amidst the abuse and rotten tomatoes of their seniors. ... Read more

Quiet Mutiny (Charles Denton, 1970)
A report on the life at a US Army fire-post - code name Snuffy - 100 miles from Saigon. Talks to the 'Grunts', the 18-year-old conscripts who walk out of the base on 28 day patrols of the jungle. The… Read more

Railways for Ever (Norman Prouting, 1970)
John Betjeman reminisces in a poem, especially written for the film, about the great trains of old, and looks forward to railways for ever. ... Read more

RE: LONE (Franz Ernst, 1970)
Lone is a 16-year old girl who runs away from an institution for wayward girls. Determined to strike out on her own, Lone succeeds only in compounding her problems. ... The theme of the film is escap… Read more

RECONSTRUCTION (Theo Angelopoulos, 1970)
Angelopoulos' first feature, shot in just 27 days in the tiny village of Thalia with a crew of five and a budget of just over US$10,000. Though lacking the pictorial elegance of his sub­sequent w… Read more

Reign of the Vampire (Malcolm Le Grice, 1970)
Synopsis not available Read more

SAD SONG OF YELLOW SKIN (Michael Rubbo, 1970)
This is a film on the other Saigon, where bombs seldom fall and blood seldom flows. It shows what some of the ordinary people who have grown up on the fringe of perpetual war, do and feel: the childr… Read more

Satan in Church (Ivan Vesselinov, 1970)
In a political attack on the clergy, this cartoon satirises cant and hypocrisy, and culminates in Satan himself appearing in church. ... Read more

Seats Two (Frans Zwartjes, 1970)
Two girls nestle beside each other on a couch and try desperately to conceal their mutual craving. Sexuality is suggested through the weird rhythm of the film's editing and the tactile quality of the… Read more

Shapes (Annabel Nicolson, 1970)
Synopsis not available Read more

She's a Grouse Game (Rod Kinnear, 1970)
Using hidden camera techniques and synchronous sound recording, the film presents an Australian Rules football game exclusively in terms of the reactions of the watching crowd. ... Bronze Award, Alan… Read more

Sheep Sheep Sheep (Michael Murphy, 1970)
The moods, images, sounds of sheep. ... Read more

Sheet (Ian Breakwell, Mike Leggett, 1970)
Synopsis not available Read more

SHINE BRIGHTLY, MY STAR (Alexander Mitta, 1970)
Alexander Mitta, who was a cartoonist before he began making films, is known for his fantasy features that are equally suited for children or adults. Shine Brightly, My Star is set in the Civil War f… Read more

Slides (Annabel Nicolson, 1970)
Synopsis not available Read more

Special Report (Michael Serafin, Carol Schreder, 1970)
A scathing satire of the news coverage of the murder of a topless go-go dancer, Candy Parabola. ... Read more

Spheres (Norman McLaren, 1970)
Norman McLaren continues his investigations into the possibilities of animated film with his latest film. Spheres, his first film since Pas de deux, is set to music of Bach fugues. The illusion of th… Read more

Spirits Underground (Peter Wallach, 1970)
A drunken subway rider is haunted by a toy train, a horde of little people, and the spectre of his drunken grandeur. ... Read more

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