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SWORDS OF DEATH (Uchida Tomu, 1970)
Musashi Miyamoto, a young swords-ran, visits Baiken Shishido, a warrior renowned for his fighting skill with chain and sickle. While the two are chatting over a drink, Baiken discovers rat Musashi ha… Read more

Symphony in Steel (William Carty, 1970)
An impressionistic film about steel production at B.H.P. Australia. ... Golden Reel Award. Australian Film Awards 1970 ... Read more

The Apple (Milan Blažeković, 1970)
A little man tries every trick in the book to reach an apple on the tree. ... Read more

The Art of Claude Lorrain (Dudley Shaw Ashton, 1970)
Born Claude Gelee, in Lorrain in 1600, the painter settled in Rome in 1626 and worked there until his death in 1682. His paintings express certain interlocking conceptions and interests: classical my… Read more

THE CLOWNS (Federico Fellini, 1970)
Clowns, freaks, circuses have been consistently recurring facets of Fellini films from La Strada through 8 1/2 to Satyricon. Now Fellini has given bent to his creative sympathies and made The Clowns,… Read more

THE CONFORMIST (Bernardo Bertolucci, 1970)
Self-preservation in the face of, and conformity to the dictates and ideologies of political power have made cowards of countless numbers of solid citizens. ... Just such a coward is Marcello who has… Read more

The Eye of the Storm (William Peters, 1970)
The Eye of the Storm documents a unique lesson in the roots of prejudice. A third &ndash: grade class is separated into "inferior" and "superior" groupings based on their eye colour to teach them the… Read more

The Flower Lovers (Borivoj Dovnikovíc-Bordo, 1970)
A new fad is taking society by storm: explosive flowers. It is not hard to see where it will lead to . . . ... Read more

THE FRUIT OF PARADISE (Vera Chytilová, 1970)
Can one live with the truth? ... Eve in the Garden of Paradise listens to the Serpent. She is about to bite into the fruit of the Tree of Truth. ... In 1970, in the garden of the boarding-house where… Read more

The Gallery (Philip Mark Law, 1970)
A subjective look at the new National Gallery of Melbourne: the building, the objets d'art, the visitors… ... Read more

De Sica's film is a faithful, yet fully cinematic transfer to the screen of Giorgio Bassani's semi-autobio-graphical novel of the same title. ... The Finzi-Continis, a wealthy, aristocratic Jewish fa… Read more

THE GREAT BARRIER REEF (Pierre Levie, 1970)
A Belgian scientific expedition explores the Barrier Reef. Their underwater photographers and cameramen of the floating aquarium study the many facets of life on the Reef. ... Not since Jacques-Yves … Read more

THE HATCHET (Mircea Muresan, 1970)
Based on the "Miorita", a Romanian folkloric classic, the film analyses the inner motivations of a woman whose compulsion is to reconstruct a tragedy. ... Obsessed by the fact that her husband who fa… Read more

The Key Maker (Trace Johnston, 1970)
The Key Maker is an elderly, retired locksmith who is not willing to give up the activity of living as his neighbouring contemporaries have. ... Read more

The Line (Christopher McGill, 1970)
A train makes its first crossing on the new standard gauge Indian Pacific Line, linking Sydney with Perth. Conventional narration is replaced by a montage of natural sound and folk music, and the vie… Read more

The March on Washington November 13-15, 1969 (F Randolph Swartz, 1970)
This film is a documentary of the largest and most significant peace protest march in the history of the United States. It features the words of Mrs. Martin Luther King, Abbie Hoffman, Pete Seeger, D… Read more

The Merry-Go-Round (Kirsten Stenbaek, 1970)
A grotesque film collage with music and songs about how Soren Rasmussen buries his wife Kristine, and how the funeral procession ends the day on the merry-go-round. ... Read more

THE MUMMY (Chadi Abdelsalam, 1970)
Inspired by the discovery of the catacombs of Deir el Bahari in 1881, this film describes the final stages of the struggle between officials of the Cairo Department of Antiquities and a proud mountai… Read more

THE PAST THAT LIVES (Philo Bregstein, 1970)
A full-length feature originally made for television, in which Dutch historian, Jacques Presser, depicts his personal life-story. ... Presser is the author of “Ondergang”, a book which revolves a… Read more

The Phonograph (Walerian Borowczyk, 1970)
This is a "poetic documentary" about the ancestor of all sound recording devices: the wax cylinder phonograph. We listen to two pieces of music in competition: "The Charge of the French Army", and "T… Read more

The Reaper (Robert Ebinger, 1970)
A dramatic, poetically lyrical film which tries to reach an adult audience with its message: man, in the end, has only himself on which to rely. He must be true to those things which compose his life… Read more

The Return of the Islander (James Mulkerns, 1970)
An Irishman, working in London as a labourer, is called back to his home on the Aran Islands, to join a friend in a deep-sea fishing venture. ... While waiting for the arrival of their trawler, we se… Read more

The Self-Rescue Breathing Apparatus (Alan Ball, 1970)
A cartoon drawing attention to the fatal consequences of not carrying self-rescuing apparatus in mines. ... Read more

THE SIN OF FATHER MOURET (Georges Franju, 1970)
The Abbe Serge Mouret, a chaste and pious young priest, devoting himself to the exhausting labours of his calling, succumbs to ill-health. A chance meeting with his uncle, Dr. Pascal, brings the Abbe… Read more

THE SPIDER'S STRATEGY (Bernardo Bertolucci, 1970)
As in his 1971 Festival film, The Conformist, in The Spider's Strategy, Bertolucci again tackles a political subject, this time about the unravelling of the mystery of a political assassination. ... … Read more

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