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Norman Jewison Filmmaker (Doug Jackson, 1971)
Norman Jewison Film Maker is an intriguing, full-screen study of a man and a personality in action, moulding the performances in Fiddler on the Roof. ... Read more

OCEAN (Folco Quilici, 1971)
A South Sea islander, Tanai, sets out on a pirogue to find a sackful of earth on another island, where he could plant a cutting of the "uru", the breadfruit tree, and settle down to raise a family. .… Read more

Operation X 70 (Raoul Servais, 1971)
A powerful nation has experimented with a new gas, which does not kill or injure the asphyxiated subjects, only puts them in a lethargic and mystical state. ... X-70 gas bombs will be dropped by mist… Read more

Orfeo (Caroline Leaf, 1971)
The legend of Orpheus and Euridice is retold in this animated film. ... Read more

PANDEMONIUM (Toshio Matsumoto, 1971)
Gengo is a samurai warrior whose code of honour is as rigid as the social stratification of the world through which he passes. Whilst his strength and courage in conflict is as admirable as that of '… Read more

Pandora (Derek May, 1971)
A modern version of the old myth of Pandora and her box, presented in an experimental manner, and utilizing a front projection technique. The director of the film says: "Look at this film ... as if y… Read more

PART OF THE FAMILY (Paul Ronder, 1971)
"One of the most brutal features of news media is their ability to and success in depersonalising brutality. reducing it to the realm of 'events'." ... In its director's words, Part of the Family "is… Read more

It presents a portrait of the American writer and composer Paul Bowles and portrays Morocco as seen through his eyes. Interviews with Bowles alternate with scenes of landscape, customs, religion, mus… Read more

Pickles (Bruno Bozzetto, 1971)
Bruno Bozetto, famed Italian cartoon film maker, uses different techniques to make his satirical comments on such topical problems of the world as drugs, pollution and war. ... Read more

PIROSMANI (Georgy Shengelaya, 1971)
Niko Pirosmani was a great Georgian artist, although his works are not widely known outside the Soviet Union. He painted before 1920, refusing to compromise, living a bare existence. He accepted meag… Read more

Play (Sally Potter, 1971)
Synopsis not available Read more

The "stars" of this film are six boys, the smallest one barely four years old and the eldest only eleven years old. ... The film consists of three novellas—"Alarming Event", "Hooligans", and "H… Read more

Portrait of a Deaf City (Bill Buckley, 1971)
Six provocative views of the city from the powerful and the powerless: City Hall, the "middle American", the militant black, the poverty lawyer, the community organiser, and the suburbanite. ... Read more

PRIVATE ROAD (Barney Platts-Mills, 1971)
Young British director, Barney Piatts-Mills, looks at the generation gap. He films from the youthful side of the gulf, but this time with a difference. He is not out to distinguish "them" from "us", … Read more

Propaganda Message (Barrie Nelson, 1971)
Pressures from ethnic, social or language groups can obscure the great potential of the federated States of Canada. ... Read more

PUNISHMENT PARK (Peter Watkins, 1971)
Political polarisation has become a problem of international proportion, characterised by closed minds and unyielding attitudes. Punishment Park is a projection of this situation into the future, bas… Read more

Raspberry Yogurt (Frederick Elmes, Gregory Prentiss, 1971)
A would-be man about town decides to find himself a woman. Instead, he loses his watch, his money, and the remainder of his pride. ... Read more

Filmmaker Wakamatsu's contact and training with the Red Army found him investigated by Japanese authorities and considered an undesirable alien in the US. ... Somewhere in the Lebanese mountains duri… Read more

Retreat... retreat (Garry Patterson, 1971)
I don't want to be anyone else but me ... .I just wish I was better at it." ... Read more

S.O.S. (Marcell Jankovics, 1971)
A drowning man calls for help in vain because no one pays any attention to his shouts. ... Read more

Scarabus (Gérald Frydman, 1971)
Under the rule of a mysterious power, Scarabus.,a strange city is inhabited by a populace made up by identical persons. All attempts to find out more about Scarabus than his name, are met with failur… Read more

Selfportrait of a Pornographer (Robert Swain, 1971)
The story of the demise of the small Parisian 'artistes de pornographe” is personalised in this study of a 'specialist' photographer made obsolete by the emergence of the sex shops. ... Read more

Sentinels of Silence (Robert Amram, 1971)
A documentary showing the major pre-Columbian ruins of Mexico. Narrated by Orson Welles, the film conveys a spiritual and aesthetic impression of ancient civilizations. ... Read more

Sex (David Avidan, 1971)
,p>A man (David Avidan) signs with a woman, representing the totality of the girls who people the film, a kind of anti-marriage contract. For his part, he is to father a child; she waives all claims … Read more

SHAFT (Gordon Parks Jr., 1971)
Times Square. The Sony logo. Marquees: He and She, The Animal, School for Sex, The Wild Females. 1971. Welcome to New York City in 35mm winter. Turf of John Shaft - or that smooth-skinned Essence-sub… Read more

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