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Sheila (Jeffrey Schwartz, 1971)
A portrait of a tranvestite, by a student of the London Film School. ... Read more

Shepherd's Bush (Mike Leggett, 1971)
Synopsis not available Read more

Silences (Predrag Golubović, 1971)
An incident during a German punitive expedition against the Serbs during the winter of 1941. ... Read more

SINBAD (Zoltán Huszárik, 1971)
Sinbad is a nineteenth century Hungarian poet whose work is his own life. In a series of reminiscences, Zoltan Huszarik follows through the love affairs of this artist, whose poetry echoes lohn Donne… Read more

Sobre un Primer Combate (Octavio Cortázar, 1971)
On 4 March. 1960, the French vessel. La Coubre, bringing ammu¬nition. mysteriously exploded in Havana's harbour. Castro attributed the cause to sabotage on the part of powers hostile to his regim… Read more

Some Regrets (Brian Robinson, 1971)
Fred exists in a room. He tries to alleviate, but without success, the narrowness of this environment, making use of TV, dreams, hysteria and violence. He dies and goes to heaven, which is even less … Read more

Steering My Own Destiny (Katarzyna Latallo, 1971)
Modern man is being inundated by an ever-growing flood of information, which threatens to engulf him. ... Read more

Synchromy (Norman McLaren, 1971)
In Synchromy, there is an absolute parallel between sound and image: what is seen on the screen at any moment is the image or images that are creating the sound. For the eye and ear of the viewer the… Read more

Tarapaca (René Kocher, 1971)
The great physical and cultural distances between people living in the province of Tarapaca in Chile are diminished by the introduction of radio telephone services. ... Read more

Teddy (Alex Kinnet, 1971)
Two lovers are about to separate. The man looks at the slides which are a record of their life together, and ponders on their past and future. ... Read more

Tender Trap (Berger, Maliangkay, Spermon, 1971)
A narcissistic wrestler admires himself amidst the mirror-covered walls of a ballet school. He meets with an adversary—they fight—and the encounter ends in an unexpected way. ... Read more

The Air My Enemy (Sarah Erulkar, 1971)
Success has been achieved in the fight against pollution by diminishing smoke in London, but Britain's air still absorbs six million tons of sulphur dioxide. Improved ways of using fuel are being res… Read more

The ‘Stripper’ (Siew Hwa Beh, 1971)
The stripper in our society ultimately strips herself away. ... Read more

THE BITTER TEARS OF PETRA VON KANT (Rainer Werner Fassbinder, 1971)
Fassbinder's films always force us ... to become aware of possibilitieswhich remain just out of reach of his characters. Whilst his vision is a bleak one, he never indulges in it for its own sake, an… Read more

THE CELL (Horst Bienek, 1971)
"The best description of freedom is the description of a prison cell. A film about political prisoners, about total isolation in prison, in solitary confinement; about the compulsion of a system whic… Read more

The Girl on the Roof (Ross Dimsey, 1971)
Freddy picks up a beautiful girl, Celia, and takes her to his home, which he shares with two friends. Celia's appearance amongst them shatters the three men's established routine. ... Read more

THE GODFATHER (Francis Ford Coppola, 1971)
Francis Ford Coppola's blockbuster is arguably the preeminent film of its kind in the modern era. The Godfather became one of the highest-grossing films in movie history and in 1972 earned Coppola th… Read more

The Happy Tree (Jósef Gebski, 1971)
In the style of popular woodcuts, this cartoon tells the story of Prot and Cyry!, and their wicked and quarrelsome wives. ... Read more

THE HIRED HAND (Peter Fonda, 1971)
Harry Collings (Peter Fonda) walks out on his wife (Verna Bloom) to become a drifter. After several aimless years of wandering the sagebrush with his saddle-pal Arch Harris (Warren Oates), he returns… Read more

THE HOLIDAY (Tinto Brass, 1971)
Immacolata, a country girl, falls in love with Count Claudio, but he, tired of her advances, denounces her to the authorities. She is declared insane and shut in an asylum. ... Lady Mercedes, anxious… Read more

The Honeymooners (Morton Goldsholl, 1971)
A short spoof on the eternal TV theme of man and woman discovering each other. ... Read more

The Hot Centre of the World (Tim Burstall, 1971)
In this black comedy, two derelicts encounter a would-be suicide on the seashore. ... Read more

The Jewish Wife (Jefrey Young, 1971)
Germany, 1935. A Jewish wife says goodbye to her Aryan husband. She must flee to Amsterdam before she is caught and her husband loses his job. ... Read more

The Last Pedestrian (Jože Bevc, 1971)
In continuation of the comic series, entitled "Citizien Urban". Joze Bevc. screenplay writer, director and the main actor in this film, represents Citizien Urban as the last pedestrian. who wants to … Read more

The Lonely Level (Anthony Clay, 1971)
A 20-mile green ribbon of meadowland, the Ouse "Washes in East Angiia, is one of the most important areas for wildlife in Britain. Several species of rare birds breed here; all of these are shown in … Read more

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