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Chronicles of Change (Don Guy, 1975)
An impressionistic view of the interaction of human and natural forces in the environment. ... Read more

Coney (Frank Mouris, Caroline A. Mouris, 1975)
An animated jaunt through Coney Island. ... Read more

Cooperage (Phillip Borsos, 1975)
The dying art of barrel-making is still practised in the Sweeney Cooperage by old hands, working with ancient tools. ... Read more

Da Da Da (Dennis Neil, Charles McRae, G. Gray Miller, Peter Hudecki, Jack Mongouan, Ian Bell, 1975)
A parody of a Busby Berkley Musical using incongruity as a means and an end. ... Read more

DAGUERREOTYPES (Agnès Varda, 1975)
This carefully constructed social document records the lives of the inhabitants of a street in an old pan of Paris. The butcher, the baker, the old couple who run a perfumery, a laundress, and others… Read more

Dawn Flight (Lawrence Lansburgh, 1975)
A dramatic story of a young glider-pilot's conquest of the art of soaring and his final initiation In stunning aerial manoeuvres, he is haunted by a mysterious super-pilot In his fixed-wing, 30-foot … Read more

DEEP RED (Dario Argento, 1975)
"Argento's first true and bona fide masterpiece." – Twitch ... Hailed by horror aficionados as one of the greatest giallos ever made, Deep Red follows musician Marcus Daly, who witnesses a… Read more

Dieric Bouts (André Delvaux, 1975)
In making his documentary on Dirk Bouts, André Delvaux contrasts the work of a 15th Century painter with that of a film maker. ... Read more

Kees Pulder, a doctor in a small, provincial town, is stirred from his lethargy by the announcement that he is to be visited by Hans van Inge Liedaerd, a famous neuro-surgeon and an old fellow-studen… Read more

Enemy Alien (Jeanette Lerman, 1975)
Twenty-three thousand Japanese migrated to Canada at the turn of the century Many of them fought alongside the Canadians during the first World War, they were a source of cheap labour, they ran perip… Read more

England, Home and Beauty (Christopher Mason, 1975)
The domestic architecture, interior furnishings and household objects of the Thirties in England, reveal the taste at different levels of society. ... Aiming to combat the Depression by increasing ex… Read more

Europa Nostra (Charles Mapleton, 1975)
This film was produced by Europa Nostra, the International Federation of Associations for the Protection of Europe's Cultural and National Heritage, to draw attention to the dangers that threaten Eur… Read more

Exchange Place (Marc de Rossi, Gary Gasgarth, 1975)
A coin changes hands and affects the lives of people who briefly own it. ... Read more

Exponents (Charles Eames, Ray Eames, 1975)
Algebraic equivalences are presented in simple terms. ... Read more

FAR FROM HOME (Sohrab Shahid Saless, 1975)
In his first film made in Germany, expatriate Iranian director, Sohrab Shahid Saless, creates a portrait of another expatriate: a Turkish factory worker in Berlin. ... Saless' camera observes the gas… Read more

Film For My Son (Nadja Tesich-Savage, 1975)
A documentary about a four-year-old boy, his world, real and imaginary, set against the memory of another childhood, in another country. Although the film focuses on one child, he becomes a link not … Read more

Fire on Heimaey (ósvaldur Knudsen, 1975)
During the night of January 23rd, 1973. a volcanic eruption broke out on Heimaey, the biggest of the Westmann Islands. A fissure then opened only 200 metres from Iceland's most important fishing cent… Read more

Following the Tundra Wolf (Neil Goodwin, John Borden, 1975)
Following the Tundra Wolf provides a picture of a predator-prey relationship in one of North America's few remaining great wilderness areas. ... It was filmed in the wild during a period of four and … Read more

FOX AND HIS FRIENDS (Rainer Werner Fassbinder, 1975)
“One of Fassbinder's easiest, most naturalistic movies.” - New York Times ... Fox is a financially strapped gay man who performs in a travelling circus as ‘Fox the Talking Head'. When he wins t… Read more

FOX: FISTRIGHT OF FREEDOM (Rainer Werner Fassbinder, 1975)
Rainer Fassbinder's second film of 1975 was made before Mother Kuster. In Fox ... , he plays the leading role himself, as a young homosexual who is seen first as the lover of a fairground showman. He… Read more

Frootsie (Arnold Levin, 1975)
An animated film made for the Public Television programme, 'Feeling Good', on the subject of nutrition. ... Read more

Great (Bob Godfrey, 1975)
Isambard Kingdom Brunei, the pint-sized architect-designer, strode flamboyantly through the middle of the 19th century, bristling with ideas which were far outside the imagination of his contemporari… Read more

Hand of Adam (Murray Grigor, 1975)
This film shows the work of Robert Adam, the Scottish architect of the 18th century. His designs were mostly inspired by Ancient Rome and Greece, having spent several years of his youth studying thes… Read more

Hedgehog in the Fog (Yuri Norstein, 1975)
The adventures of a little hedgehog, lost in the fog. ... Bronze Hugo, Chicago. ... Read more

Her World (Lise Roos, Anker, 1975)
Every working wife has, really, two jobs, and when she has small children as well, her day is more than full Her World observes such a young wife with two small children at work, at home, and her inc… Read more

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