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RAT TRAP (Adoor Gopalakrishnan, 1983)
In his third feature writer/director Adoor Gopalakrishan has established a stylised study of paranoia. ... An indolent, selfish landowner expects his family to wait on him hand and foot. When he has … Read more

Raygun's Nightmare (Peter Wallach, 1983)
President Raygun has a terrible nightmare in which America is invaded by a huge Japanese electronic monster. ... Read more

Refrigerator (Jonathan Sinaiko, 1983)
A Kafkaesque nightmare about a lonely man whose life is gradually taken over by a noisy intractable ice box. ... Read more

Report on Terezin (Drahoslav Holub, 1983)
This documentary is a singularly unique history of the fortress and prison town of Terezin, which the Nazis converted into a concentration camp. ... Read more

Return of the Useless (Michael Nicholson, 1983)
A satirical look at the role of secret agents in Australia and how they cope with the new ASIO, the Australian Space and ... Intelligence Organisation. ... Read more

RORO MENDUT (Ami Priyono, 1983)
This exquisitely designed and photographed film is set in the 17th century kingdom of Mataram in Central Java. It is based on a legend that has been reworked many times in traditional performances, s… Read more

RUMBLEFISH (Francis Ford Coppola, 1983)
A stylish, fast-moving, gut-wrenching melodrama of hell-bent youth: a loose knit company of teenage crazies in the milieu of ... motorcycles, heroin, mean streets and pool rooms of Tulsa,Oklahoma. ..… Read more

SACRED VANDALS (Solrun Hoaas, 1983)
There are women of Hatoma Island, Okinawa, who have a kind of divinity: they follow dreams and search for places in the landscape which are of spiritual significance. The island is becoming depopulat… Read more

Secondary Currents (Peter Rose, 1983)
Secondary Currents is a romp through the worlds of language, conducted by an improbable narrator speaking an assortment of nonsense, It is an imageless film in which the shifting relationships betwee… Read more

Sensible Shoes (John Adams, 1983)
Synopsis not available Read more

September, 1951 (Ray Quint, 1983)
When its Communist Party Dissolution Bill was rejected by the High Court in 1951, the Menzies government put the ... question of banning the Communist Party to a national referendum, held in Septembe… Read more

Serious Undertakings (Helen Grace, 1983)
The film is concerned with politics and the production of history, sexual difference, and "national identity". Using a variety of formal devices, it marks a break with the documentary tradition of po… Read more

SEVENTEEN (Joel DeMott, Jeff Kreines, 1983)
An extraordinary filmic record of the lives of a group of teenagers during their final year of High School. They are residents of Muncie, Indiana, the site of the oft-consulted ... "Middletown USA" s… Read more

SHADOWS FROM LIGHT (Stephen Dwoskin, 1983)
This is a cinematographic journey through the photographic atmospheres of Bill Brandt, Britain's master photographer, who was born in 1904 and died in 1983. Bill Brandt, who first worked with Man Ray… Read more

Skipping Class (Chris Warner, 1983)
Steve to his teachers and mates, Stefan to his parents, Steve Popovski is sixteen and wants to leave school. His father, Vasel, came to Australia to find a better life for his children. Vasel sees pa… Read more

Songs of a Distant Jungle (Robert Charlton, 1983)
Christopher Roberts, a young musician from the Julliard School, plays Bach and Mozart for villagers in a remote corner of Papua New Guinea on a string bass which he carries on his back through the ju… Read more

Stations (Jacki McKimmie, 1983)
A story about the differences between reality and dreams. Dora falls in love with Dick and imagines that it will be just as movies and magazines told her it would be. But real life in Queensland 1953… Read more

STATIONS (William MacGillivray, 1983)
... ... Bill MacGillivray's first feature, little appre­ciated at the time of its release and previously unseen in Australia, is a small gem. Stations is a road-movie-on-rails that replaces the c… Read more

STEPS OF LIGHT (Christopher Lynch, 1983)
At 16, West Australian ballerina, Sian Stokes, was offered a scholarship to the prestigious Princess Grace Academy of Classic Dance in Monaco. ... The film follows Sian to Monte Carlo where she studi… Read more

STRATASPHERE (Harry Rasky, 1983)
Teresa Stratas is one of the great singing actresses of today, having appeared on all the great opera stages in all the great roles. ... Now, in her mid-forties, she is still the centre of attention … Read more

SUMMERTIME (Massimo Mazzucco, 1983)
The first feature film by young fashion photographer Mazzucco is a charming and fragile work of atmosphere and sincerity. ... Made on a shoestring budget, the film takes us on a trip to New York City… Read more

SUNLESS (Chris Marker, 1983)
A freelance cameraman travels around the world and wonders about the role of the images he creates. These images,as manifestations of his memories, are being commented upon by a woman friend, who rea… Read more

TAKING A LINE FOR A WALK (Lesley Keen, 1983)
An experimental animation exploring the ideas of Paul Klee on colour and movement by the use of computer generated ... graphics. ... Read more

Tandberg on Page One (Ivan Gaal, 1983)
Ron Tandberg is Australia's best known political cartoonist. This film follows through Tandberg's work on the front page of the Melbourne' 'Age" on one particular night's edition. ... Read more

Thanks for the Ride (John Kent Harrison, 1983)
Set in Ontario's cottage country, this finely crafted drama traces the events of a Saturday night when two teenage boys pick up two local girls and take them for a ride. ... The turbulent emotions of… Read more

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