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Half a Life (Christine Noll Brinckmann, 1983)
No synopsis available ... Read more

HALF TRUTH (Govind Nihalani, 1983)
A powerful and angry film about corruption in the Bombay police force, Half Truth is a major breakthrough for the Indian cinema, representing the first time an Indian filmmaker has dared a head-on co… Read more

Happenstance (Garry Hill, 1983)
Synopsis not available Read more

Headshots (Ilan Duran, 1983)
A director wants a "new" image of woman for his commercial He finds a free woman who expresses beauty and spirit. But the commercial's look is still imposed by him, the ... patriarch behind the lens. ... Read more

HEART LIKE A WHEEL (Jonathan Kaplan, 1983)
Heart Like A Wheel spans twenty-five years in the career of Shirley Muldowney - the first American professional female race car driver, and three time winner of the World Championship staged by the A… Read more

Hellfire (John David Coles, 1983)
A fictional drama set in a modern electronic church which ... portrays an extraordinary day in the life of Howard Woode, a television evangelist. ... Read more

Here You Will Find It (Lee Sokol, 1983)
A film about male sexuality made by a woman with similar concerns and an equally individual "vision" as Bette Gordon's. Lee Sokol was on her way to San Luis Potosi one summer to film the bullfights. … Read more

HIGH SCHOOLS (Charles Guggenheim, 1983)
Shot on location at seven American High schools, the film present a realistic picture of daily high school activity, both in and outside of the classes room. ... “High Schools was based on the repo… Read more

Highland Winter (Roger Scholes, 1983)
An elderly woman living in a nursing home recalls images of the wild and isolated land she is no longer able to visit. The film recalls the winter journeys of her childhood in the Central Highlands o… Read more

Holzwege: Wood Roads/Wrong Ways (Georgia Wallace-Crabbe, 1983)
Albert Speer walks 31,936 kilometres, an imaginary journey undertaken by the imprisoned Nazi war criminal. ... Read more

HONKY TONK MAN (Clint Eastwood, 1983)
A slightly off-handed way of reviewing Honky Tonk Man would be to write which is true anyway - that after having been taken for John Wayne, Clint Eastwood can now be taken for John Ford himself. One … Read more

I.O.D. (Jeremy Welsh, 1983)
Synopsis not available Read more

IMAGES OF GERMANY (Hartmut Bitomsky, Heiner Muhlenbrock, 1983)
A remarkable example of the 'Kulturfilme' - a series of general short subjects produced by the Nazis during the Third Reich and designed to foster and reinforce the correct ideological attitudes to s… Read more

In Search of Viewable Objects (Jane Nicholls, 1983)
A peeping Tom graduates to the movies. ... Read more

In The Cellar (Jan Svankmajer, 1983)
Live action and animation combine to depict little girls encounter with fear down in the cellar, producing suspenseful and fantastic results . . . Jan Svankmajer has been making animation films since… Read more

Iron Boots (Ludvík Kadleček, 1983)
Puppet fairy-tale about a young fisherman who falls madly in love with his rather unusual catch, a little mermaid. But he ... loses his loved one through his own fault and before he can win her back … Read more

Iron Lady (John LePelley, 1983)
An animation in sheet and molten metal gives fuel to a searing indictment of Margaret Thatcher's policies during the Falklands War. ... Read more

It is of Eden I was Dreaming (David Muir, 1983)
In 1981 Sir Sidney Nolan was invited by the producer, director and scriptwriter to collaborate in making a filmic evocation of the life of the great French poet Arthur Rimbaud. ... Nolan painted 31 l… Read more

It's a Good Life (1983) (Joe Dante, 1983)
“Something like an off-Broadway cartoon designed by Chuck Jones.” - Joe Dante ... Beware of seemingly sweet kids who ask you to drive them home and then invite you in to meet their family… … Read more

It's A Living (Laurie Kirkwood, 1983)
One shift in the perilous life of a Sydney taxi driver. ... Read more

Iwana Station (Peter Jordan, 1983)
A stranded motorist in the outback starts walking He comes to a railway line and an unattended station He settles down to wait for the next train, and he waits, and he waits ... Read more

JAZZ SCRAPBOOK (Nigel Buesst, 1983)
The origins of jazz in Australia, a rambling collage of the people and places which were part of the great jazz revival in Melbourne, and a glimpse into the Forties and Fifties, when jazz was the thi… Read more

Jazzman (Clive Heaven, 1983)
A roughly hewn, impressionistically-coloured piece of animation that meanders with the music through the city to ... discover the source. ... Read more

Jockeys Without Horses (Michael Nicholson, 1983)
The Melbourne Cup Race is famous all over the world But ... what social effect does it have on the people of Melbourne ... who flock to see it. ... Read more

Joe's Encyclopaedia (Ric Lappas, 1983)
A young woman is interrupted in her musings on suicide by a one-legged deaf mute salesman who communicates by ... pre-written cards. His name is Joe, and he has a marvellous encyclopaedia to sell whi… Read more

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