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One Hundred Years (Max Andersson, 1984)
When babies come from test tubes, when rats march around and sink in blood, when babies are forced to their mothers' breasts at gun point, when the Statue of Liberty is replaced by a missile poised f… Read more

One Minute and Twenty-Nine Seconds of Painting (Georges Kaplan, 1984)
A gallop through the history of painting. ... Read more

ORINOKO, NEW WORLD (Diego Risquez, 1984)
There are many aspects that make Orinoko, New World something rather special. First it was shot on Super 8 and blown up to 35mm with astonishing visual, textural results. Of its $US100,000 budget, $3… Read more

Overnight Sensation (Jon Bloom, 1984)
The lonely wife of a busy Hollywood commercial photographer writes a first novel that becomes a national bestseller Based on a Somerset Maugham story the film explores the ensuing marital tensions. ... Read more

Pa-Ma-Triachaat (Yvonne Oerlemans, 1984)
Synopsis not available Read more

PANKOW ‘55 (Gabor Altorjay, 1984)
Altorjay emerged from Germany's "underground" to make this political sci-fi of life in East Berlin under authoritarian rule The events of the film take place in an Orwellian "Nerve Clinic", with fant… Read more

Paradise (Ishu Patel, 1984)
Colour, lush and ripe, swells the screen. The hum and trill of summer shimmer in the air. This is paradise, brimming with birdsong and blossom. Innovative mixed-media techniques consorted with the hu… Read more

PAUL CADMUS: ENFANT TERRIBLE AT 80 (David Sutherland, 1984)
Back in 1934, while he was on the dole, Paul Cadmus "The ... Fleet's inn" . A Hoganhian painting of sailors and whores having a good time, was withdrawn from an exhibition because it offended an admi… Read more

Phoenix Bird (Jon Bang Carlsen, 1984)
In Carlsen's "documentaries" reality is staged: real people play "themselves" to give an impression of how they perceive themselves. In this case we meet James R. Jarrett, a returned warrior who brin… Read more

Playboy (Tessa Hughes-Freeland, 1984)
The basic theme of PLAYBOY is that of voyeurism and violence ... exploiting them in such a way that certain humorous elements are ... brought to the fore. By not using any self-made footage but caref… Read more

POP PIRATES (Jack Grossman, 1984)
This enjoyable film follows the adventures of a gifted schoolboy pop group called "The Pirates". After entering a talent competition the group find themselves enmeshed in the shady activities of the … Read more

RAZORBACK (M) (Russell Mulcahy, 1984)
“Razorback is no quickie: it's an extremely handsome production, beautifully shot by Dean Semler.” - Variety ... In a storyline ripped straight from the headlines, a giant boar goes on a killing … Read more

REPO MAN (Alex Cox, 1984)
In a remarkable feature debut, Alex Cox has delivered a dazzlingly comic amalgam of gritty urban neo-realism, grotty punkish send ups and D-grade sci-fi movies. Here the hero is Otto, a self-styled "… Read more

Rita Ndzanga - South African (Beata Lipman, 1984)
Rita is a black trade unionist .She talks about her life and the struggle for freedom in South Africa that has led to her frequent arrest. ... Read more

RONJA, THE ROBBER'S DAUGHTER (Tage Danielsson, 1984)
One of the delights of this year's Berlin Festival and winner of a special award for imagination, Ronja, The Robber's Daughter is fun. ... Written by noted children's author Astrid Lindgren and direc… Read more

Sandwich (Bruno Bozzetto, 1984)
A live-action film by Bozetto, "Sandwich" is a very funny look at a man on a bicycle outing, who constructs a monumental sandwich for his lunch, only to have it lurch out of his hands and lead him on… Read more

Scenes & Songs from Boyd Webb (Boyd Webb, Philip Haas, 1984)
Boyd Webb is usually classified as a sculptor although he does not exhibit three-dimensional objects. His art works are extremely large photographs. In the studio, he constructs elaborate sculptural … Read more

Scratch Free State (George Barber, 1984)
Synopsis not available Read more

Self-Service (Michael Muschner, 1984)
One can, if one has an appetite, eat a bowl of pea soup, and a sausage. One can, if one has an appetite for a really sad, funny, everyday story, watch how an old lady has an appetite for a bowl of pe… Read more

Sex Machine (David Cunningham, 1984)
The work of composer/ music producer David Cunningham employs the ... exaggeration of cliched pop promo effects to extend into the satirical and grotesque. ... Read more

Shunters (Jurgen Bottcher, 1984)
Day and night, n all weathers,the shunters are at work in the largest goods and shunting station in the DDR, in Dresden. An impressionistic documentary without commentary, which provides both an auth… Read more

Silent Pioneers (Lucy Winer, 1984)
Contrary to the public stereotype of a youthful homosexual community, gay men and lesbians do grow old. Silent Pioneers creates a portrait of strong and active women and men who face not only issues … Read more

Skin Trade (Nigel Lindley, 1984)
Synopsis not available Read more

Skyscraper (Christophe Jacrot, 1984)
An allegory on the hell of the Protestant work ethic. ... Read more

Sound of Sunshine - Sound of Rain (Caroline M. Heywood, 1984)
This animated film gives us a rare insight into the life life of blind, seven year old black boy his intimate world of sound and touch. It's a story of conflict created by the imagination and fantasy… Read more

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