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Communication #5 (Jack White, 1984)
Two patients who can't speak English vs two doctors who can hardly speak, locked in combat and separated only by a multi-lingual referee. ... Read more

Filmed at the Bob Marley Performing Centre near Montego Bay, Jamaica in l983, Robert Mugge's film encapsulates many ... highlights from the annual Sunsplash Festival. The I3 acts include Rita Marley.… Read more

Corduroy (Gary Templeton, 1984)
The film follows the adventures of a stuffed teddy bear called Corduroy who waits to be selected from the shelves of a department store. Lest he be mistaken for used property, he embarks on a quest t… Read more

CRAZY FAMILY (Ishii Sogo, 1984)
The Kobayashi family has problems Mum is getting juiced up and stripping when the neighbours stop by for afternoon tea; son and daughter lock themselves in their bedrooms to engage in a multitude of … Read more

CRIME AND PUNISHMENT (Aki Kaurismäki, 1984)
Another screen version of Dostocvsky's novel, and one of the best Finnish films of recent years. Raskolnikov here is Rahikainen, a former law student, who now works in a slaughterhouse in Helsinki. O… Read more

Curious George goes to the Zoo (John Matthews, 1984)
Based on the book Curious George by Margaret and H.A. Ray, this fully animated puppet play tells the story of adventurous George and his journey from the jungle to the city. George is an irrepressibl… Read more

Cutout Animation (David Johnson, 1984)
Modern parable, sci-fi adventure and visual spectacle. ... Read more

DANCE WITH A STRANGER (Mike Newell, 1984)
This is the tragic true story of the last months in the life of the infamous Ruth Ellis. Divorcee, one-time prostitute and now the manager of a seedy London nightclub, she enters a relationship with … Read more

Danse des Cygnets (Laraine Porter, 1984)
Synopsis not available Read more

De Occulta Philosophia (Gabor Body, 1984)
A journey into the occult world of the 16th century via the computerised editing and synthesizer technologies of the 1980s. ... Read more

Der Karibische Western (Christoph Dreher, 1984)
The Berlin band, Die Haut, in a bizarre drama of love and deal friendship and horror. ... Read more

Devrim (Migrant Women's Film Group, 1984)
"Devim" is the story of a young Turkish woman who has migrated to Australia with her husband and two young children. Cultural differences put an increasing strain on the husband who becomes violent. … Read more

Double Lunar Dogs (Joan Jonas, 1984)
Science fiction texts and advanced visual technology create an abstract ... narrative of forgotten past and uncertain future. Travelling on spacecraft ... video somewhere between origin and destinati… Read more

Downside Up (Tony Hill, 1984)
With simple camera movements, the film explores and reviews some relationships to the ground, literally upsetting earth stability. The viewpoint continuously orbits places, objects. people and events… Read more

Emma Zunz (Peter Delpeut, 1984)
"Actually the story was incredible, but it impressed everyone because substantially it was true True was Emma Zunz' tone, true was her shame, true was her hate. True also was the outrage she had suff… Read more

Etienne and Sara (Pierre Hébert, 1984)
Sara is born. Eighteen month old Etienne comes into a sense of his own identity. A film poem in three parts on the painful ... realisation that children, with their boundless energy, are slowly drawn… Read more

Eugene's Valet (Jane Chapline, 1984)
After decades of service to the community, Eugene's Valet in New York is about to close because of rising rents and falling business. We watch its elderly lewish proprietor as he winds down his busin… Read more

Eugene's Valet (Jane Chapline, 1984)
After decades of service to the community, Eugene's Valet in New York is about to close because of rising rents and falling business We watch its elderly Jewish proprietor as he winds down his busine… Read more

Every Morning (Johan Hagelback, 1984)
A light-hearted and often bizarre animation on the trials and tribulations of having to get up and face the day, ‘every morning'. ... Read more

Factory (Anne Carter, David Chesworth, 1984)
This tape does not try to portray the dehumanising aspects of factory ... work Rather the activities unfold as some kind of ritual performance in the courtyard of the habitual monarchs — Order … Read more

Fair Go - Your Rights At Work (Tony Wright, 1984)
Through this lively, cartoon style mix of fantasy and real-life situations, young people learn the perils and pitfalls of entering the workforce. ... Read more

Fear of Life (Sally Bongers, 1984)
The super market is being built. The model is being destroyed. People return to their dark houses. “ Fear of life” seek's out the pauses in people's lives to express the gap between what life is … Read more

First Footage (Pierre-Oscar Levy, 1984)
As a result of assiduous research, Levy has uncovered footage from the first films of the masters of documentary: (oris Ivens Olga Alexandrova Vertova, lean Rouch Frederick Wiseman and Nagisa Oshima … Read more

FLIGHT TO BERLIN (Christopher Petit, 1984)
Ex-film critic Christopher Pent has come up with a remarkable thriller, exciting, mysterious, and laden with references to other films, among them "Blow Up", and his own detective movie "An Unsuitabl… Read more

For Want Of (Jane Stevenson, 1984)
A modern-day detective story opera. ... Read more

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