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Rex the Runt - Dreams/Dinosaurs (Peter Lord, 1991)
Meet Rex, the latest in the Oscar-winning Aardman's gallery of plasticine pups, bears, turtles and parrots, in two brief but punchy pilots, Dreams and Dinosaurs. ... Read more

Riff (Remix) (EmmanuelG, Simon Cooper, Andrew Frost, Caroline McArthur, 1991)
Images accompanying a riff vice-versa. ... ... 'Will To Power' by Emmanuel G ... 'In The City' by Simon Cooper ... 'Chamber of Clear Rhythm' by Andrew Frost ... 'Untitled' by Caroline McArthur ... ... Read more

RIFF-RAFF (Ken Loach, 1991)
... ... Ken Loach's work has been marked over the 30-odd years of his career by a sensi­tive if uncompromising eye. He has turned his gaze on social injustice in no uncommon terms and has broken … Read more

Ring of Fire (George Casey, 1991)
Over 400 hundred active volcanos are dotted around the Pacific rim, the so-called ring of fire. A clever use of computer animation and footage of events such as the Mount St Helen eruption in 1988 an… Read more

Never an easy or comfortable 'talent' to accept, legendary director Sam Peckinpah's working life was continually damaged by front office interference, in tandem with his tendency towards self-destruc… Read more

Sans anesthésie (Robert Gauthier, Danielle Berard, 1991)
Inspired by Butoh choreography and rein­forced by pixilation; a dance film with a differ­ence. A young woman, isolated in her apartment with TV and cigarettes, observes her neighbour. An ambi… Read more

Scratch (Jamie Thraves, 1991)
Dougie has a habit. It is a very, very, annoying habit, especially for his dad: all day, every day, for twenty years, Dougie has scratched his head. Dad decides to take the matter out of Dougie's han… Read more

Secret Joy of Falling Angels (Simon Pummell, 1991)
Another outstanding entry in the burgeoning British Gothic School of animation led by the Brothers Quay. ... Read more

Serendipity Blues (Norma Pearse, 1991)
Coloured liquids travelling in reverse support a paper dog's head, happy to simulate an unearthed spermatozoa on its way to a silk pyjama party. Which side of silk is most tense and receptive to the … Read more

Sexy Girls, Sexy Appliances (Emma Kate Croghan, 1991)
A comic and caustic pastiche of a B-grade 50's pornography. Visually delightful with a real eye for the colours and formal concerns of the era and genre! Serving up domesticity, roast dinners and sex… Read more

SHELTER (Sivan, 1991)
Vinu is a day dreamer, with an artistic temper­ament and few friends at his school. He spends his days dreaming of his grandfather's ances­tral home and the slow pace of village life there. F… Read more

SHOOT FOR THE CONTENTS (Trinh T. Minh-ha, 1991)
... ... Shoot For The Contents, whose title plays on the meanings of an ancient Chinese guess­ing game, is an excursion into the maze of alle­gorical naming and story-telling in China. Weavin… Read more

Short Lelong (Richard Andry, 1991)
A sound effects specialist meddles with the progress of a story. ... Read more

SLACKER (Richard Linklater, 1991)
... ... Easily the year's most admirably eccentric movie is Richard Linklater's no-budget, college-town comedy Slacker. The 27-year-old Linklater shot the film over a couple of months last summer in … Read more

Slow Bob in the Lower Dimensions (Henry Selick, 1991)
It is night. The puppet twins awaken and sneak up the attic stairs to spy on their stupid stepbrother. Bob, sleeping on the ceiling, is awakened by friendly lizards and sent off to the second dimensi… Read more

Slugs and Snails (Susan Brand, 1991)
that's what little boys are made of. This imag­inative and polished film takes us mto one of the hundreds of women's beauty salons in London. Behind the scenes, appearance is an illusion. Discuss… Read more

Soft (Jennifer Pignataro, 1991)
When the atmosphere of colour/vibration simultaneously unifies and fragments, reality is merely perceptual. ... Read more

Solitary and Abhorred (Steve Bade, 1991)
Beginning with the quote from Mary Shelley "Satan had his companions to admire and encourage him, but I am solitary and abhorred", Steve Bade reworks footage from James Whale's classic 1931 film Fran… Read more

Soviet Cockroach (Gary O'Keefe, 1991)
A Dostoyevsky-esque atmosphere pervades this colourful adventure into a macroscopic world of models, lightboxes and seven - eleven stores. Set to the revolutionary strains of the Peking Philharmonic … Read more

Spinning Bild 14 (Martin Anibas, 1991)
Two brief animation Movements in ink and crayon. Spinning is Miroesque, Bild 14 is more brusque, a cosmopolitan jostle of coneish shapes in the tougher manner of De Kooning or Guston. ... Read more

Spree (Pietro Iorlano, 1991)
A student film that is erratic and grainy in form and characterised by the arbitrary nature of its subject matter. Ultimately subversive, the coherence of Spree hinges on rapid cutting and discontinu… Read more

STRIP JACK NAKED (Ron Peck, 1991)
Director's Note "For twelve years I carried around with me a dozen film cans of film cut from a feature I made in 1978 called Nighthawks. The original running time of that film was around four hours.… Read more

SUBTERRANEAN SECRETS (Clas Lindberg, 1991)
... ... Ten-year-old Nisse suffers a serious asthma attack that puts him into the hospital in the middle of summer. There, he meets Lelle, 12, a 'troublesome' patient and the hospital's enfant terrib… Read more

SURVIVING DESIRE (Hal Hartley, 1991)
Tude (Martin Donovan) is an over-educated literature professor, totally oblivious to the bored students pelting him with books. He is obsessed with a single passage from Dostoevsky's The Brothers Kar… Read more

Symbiotic Flagellates in Termites (Dieter Haarhaus, 1991)
Next time your house comes down around your head, don't put all the blame on termites. The real culprits are tiny flagellates that live in the gut of the termite and turn wood cellulose into food dig… Read more

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