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Land of the Laugh (Manit Sriwanichapoom, Yutthasak Choomphonsatien, Siwaporn Pongsuwan, Kompin Kemgumnird, 1992)
An illustration of a woman's thoughts which tell a story of the struggle for freedom, for democracy... ... In undeveloped and developing countries, a coup d'etat or a violent seizure of power from an… Read more

LAWS OF GRAVITY (Nick Gomez, 1992)
Premiered at the New Directors/New Films Festival in New York, Laws of Gravity is a gritty and audacious addition to the milieu of 'male bonding among young hoods', a la Scorsese's Mean Streets (and … Read more

LESSONS OF DARKNESS (Werner Herzog, 1992)
Lessons of Darkness marks a welcome return to form for German director Werner Herzog, once a regularly seen figure on the festival circuit, now noted mainly for his absence. After a decade of large-s… Read more

Lessons of Darkness (Werner Herzog, 1992)
First screened to rapt audiences at MIFF 1993, Lessons Of Darkness is Herzog's meditation on the apocalyptic aftermath of the Guff War. Tragedy and beauty are blended in aerial photography that glide… Read more

LIFE AND NOTHING MORE (Abbas Kiarostami, 1992)
Awarded the Rossellini Prize at the 1992 Cannes Film Festival, this latest achieve­ment by one of Iran's foremost filmmakers takes us to the aftermath of the devastating 1990 earthquakes in North… Read more

Laura Esquivel wrote her first novel in 1989, and 'Como Agua Para Chocolate' has become one of the top selling Mexican novels ever. The film version, produced and directed by Alfonso Arau (known for … Read more

Lizards of Oz (Klaus Toft, 1992)
What do you know about the lizards of Aus­tralia? This enjoyable short film takes an often amusing and always enlightening look at the descendants of the dinosaurs in outback Aus­tralia. ... Read more

Lo(o)s gelöst - A Spatial Film Essay (Prinzgau, Podgorschek, Driendl Steixner, C. Angelmaier, 1992)
The title is a play on words. Adolf Loos was an influential and famous Viennese architect (1870-1933). The film is dedicated to him. 'Los gelöst' ranges in meaning from solved, through to loos­e… Read more

Los Perros (Gregory Miller, 1992)
The complex and confhctmg emotions of an El Salvadorean refugee traumatized by political repression, finds that the tormentors of the past can be very real phantoms of the present, Finding sanity in … Read more

Loves Me, Love Me Not (Jeff Newitt, 1992)
A modern-day Narcissus? A humorous exploration of male vanity? A cheap gag film! Take your pick ... Read more

Loves Me...Loves Me Not (Jeff Newitt, 1992)
A modern-day Narcissus? A humorous exploration of male vanity? A cheap gag film! All of the above, from the continually brilliant Aardman team. Their Academy Award win­ning animation, Creature Co… Read more

MAD BOMBER IN LOVE (James Bogle, 1992)
It was scripted in two weeks and shot in two weeks! With no funds to speak of director James Bogle and his multi-talented conspirators have created a knock 'em down, drag 'em out romp of classically … Read more

Melanomes (Caroline Strubbe, 1992)
A girl and an old man are stuck together in a strange place. Daily they sift through sand; 'You never believed in this story about pearls...Huh?" chides the old man. "I hate you...I hate you," thinks… Read more

Merv (Marcella Hayward, 1992)
Why are we watching a film about this quite ordinary, oldish man in his very bourgeois, chintzy little suburban house? Will his friend, who is coming around for a cup of tea, provide some drama? ... … Read more

Meters of Life (Momir Matovic, 1992)
This extraordinary film follows an old man, deaf mute since birth, who every day regard­less of weather, hikes four miles to the nearest cinema where he watches films in his own unique way. ... Read more

Minoru: Memory of Exile (Michael Fukushima, 1992)
With the outbreak of war and the bombing of Pearl Harbour, life changed for Minoru Fukushima. Only nine years old and Canadian born, he could not understand the events which were to make his life cha… Read more

Mirage (part of SOUTHERN WINDS) (Slamet Rahardjo Djarot, 1992)
Encouraged by letters promising good earnings in Djakarta a young woman sets out by train for the capital. She finds the inhuman reality of city life a bittersweet experience. Djakarta has ruined man… Read more

MODERN TIMES (Graham Chase, 1992)
... ... Documentarist Graham Chase returns to Port Pirie in South Australia to rekindle a few memories, but the town of his childhood is no more. Like so much of Chase's previous work (Democracy, Byl… Read more

Mona Lisa Descending a Staircase (Joan C. Gratz, 1992)
Mona Lisa Descending a Staircase leads us through a vibrant and amazing art history les­son: we move through the many important schools of modern art to view some 55 paint­ings by major artis… Read more

Money Talks (Alrick Riley, 1992)
A modern cautionary tale, told in black and white in Brixton. No words are needed as we follow a day in the lives of a small time pusher and his younger brother. ... Read more

Monster Fish (Polly Seddon, 1992)
A happy story about divorce. ... Read more

Museum (Jeanne Brown, 1992)
Artistically splendid depiction of the natural coastal environment on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. ... Read more

MY HOME, MY PRISON (Susan Blaustein Muñoz, Erica Marcus, 1992)
My Home, My Prison is based on the autobiography of Palestinian journalist Raymonda Tawil, one of the first Palestinians to engage Israelis in dialogue (after the 1967 Six Day War) twenty-four years … Read more

MY NEW GUN (Stacy Cochran, 1992)
An edgy mix of the wryly cynical and the innocently fresh, Stacy Cochran's feature debut is another true gem from the vital American independent scene. Selected to play in Directors' Fortnight at the… Read more

Few musicians have been more revered, and at the same time, more despised, more controversial, more discussed, and ultimately more influential than Arnold Schoenberg. ... This adventurous, and beauti… Read more

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