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Flaneur (Torben Skjodt Jensen, 1992)
The strolling flaneur was the forerunner of 20th century travellers and their obsession with taking photographs. A whirl-wind trip through sensory superimpositions of all the world's most famous tour… Read more

Flesh of the Earth (Tatiana Vengerova, 1992)
A study of the natural beauty and rich textures of the Earth's surface seen from space. Accompanied by the music of Gennadiy Gladkov. ... Read more

Flight of the Swan (Ngozi Onwurah, 1992)
Has there ever been a 'black swan'? A young Nigerian dancer feels the chill of the English ballet establishment. Slowly she realises she must dance with her African spirit and not against it. ... Read more

Food (Jan Svankmajer, 1992)
Civilisation exists on the backs of starving mil­lions, but also at the expense of future genera­tions. Civilisation survives by stuffing itself at all costs with the cannibalising of culture… Read more

'Venus of Lesbos: Theirs was a passion no man could share'. 'Man Hater: They hid their claws under nail polish'. 'Lesbians in Black Lace: They were twilight girls, black nylon lovers'. 'Girls Barrack… Read more

Galia (Noa Harnik, 1992)
Galia Holzmann was a student at Israel's Haifa University and commuted at weekends to stay with her boyfriend in Jerusalem. An ordinary, gentle student life until she developed an unexplainable rash.… Read more

Guerrillas in our Midst (Amy Harrison, 1992)
Documentary A witty documentary that explores the issues of discrimination and exclusion in the 'main-stream' US art community by focusing on the activities of the underground activist group, the Gue… Read more

Heads (Flemming Christensen, Linda Madsen, 1992)
Big, small, fat, thin, everybody's got one! ... Read more

Alex Cox has already made himself quite a reputation for eccentrtc humour (Repo Man) and an unflinching vision at the gritty truth of modern life (Sid and Nancy). Continuing in both courses, he has m… Read more

HOMELANDS (Tom Zubrycki, 1992)
Sydney documentanst and MFF regular, Tom Zubrycki (Bran Nue Dae, Friends and Enemies) continues on his unpredictable way with this intriguing, dramatic documentary portrait of an emigre family, shot … Read more

Hoodoo Nightspot (Mark Donegan, Scott Lacey, 1992)
Detective Black Ford is pursuing Lazy Dick, who meanwhile, is havin' one hootin'-tootin' time at the Hoodoo Nightspot. A morality tale? ... Read more

Hotel Halfway to the Moon (Tatiana Vengerova, 1992)
Home movies by cosmonauts onboard the space station 'Mir'. A slapstick look at the lighter side of life and weightlessness in space. ... Read more

I Begin to Know You (Lana Lin, 1992)
A filmic loop is created in this repetition of narrative and classic female imagery. Lin par­allels the stereotypical routines women endure through both Eastern and Western perspec­tives. The… Read more

I Imagine the Cold (Phillipe E. Sorlin, 1992)
In the mindless and cruel world of combat, bodies lie where they fall in the mud or are dropped into a pit. A letter from a lover sparks longings for another time and a suicide pact only half fulfill… Read more

Ianfu (Antonio Vidal Aguilar, 1992)
'Ianfu', which literally means 'comfort women', is a Japanese euphemism for prosti­tutes servicing military personnel. In this case it refers to Filipinos, who were forcibly con­scripted to s… Read more

ICEMAN (Katharne Everett, 1992)
Prize-winning documentary on the discovery of the 5000 year-old remains of a hunter high in the Austrian-Italian Alps. His remarkably well-preserved corpse, clothing, tools and other possessions have… Read more

In Between (Robert Crusz, 1992)
This latest film from Sankofa Film & Video is an extraordinary search for self-identity. An 'exploration-of-my-parents' film, it develops into a deconstruction of the classic polarities of our societ… Read more

In Loving Memory (Leone Knight, 1992)
Using close-up and extreme close-up images in black-and-white. In Loving Memory romanti­cizes S & M icons in a manner similar to Ken­neth Anger's works. However, by an ambiguous use of gender… Read more

In the Wake (Alexander Curtis, 1992)
The first sentence of James Joyce's Finnegans Wake is fused together with anonymous film material; "Riverrun, past Eve and Adam's, from swerve of shore to bend of bay, brings us by a commodius vicus … Read more

It wasn't Love (Sadie Benning, 1992)
In her earlier work, Benning develops a filmic language that tests and gives provisionary representation to the very intimate world of her bedroom, and what it means to be Sadie growing up (and out) … Read more

Joan Mitchell was one of the only women among New York's dynamic Abstract Expressionists — Jackson Pollock, Robert Motherwell, Willem de Kooning. A fascinating and complex woman, the film is a … Read more

Juggling Gender (Tami Gold, 1992)
What is it like to be a woman with a beard? To be a performer at one of the only remaining sideshows in America?Juggling Gender pushes viewers to explore their own assumptions about construction of s… Read more

Kid (Ron Pereria, 1992)
Imagination is a powerful thing and the imagi­nation of a child and a child at heart most pow­erful of all. The story of a little boy, his uncle the artist and a runaway rollercoaster car. ... Read more

Killing Kids (Cain Daggia, 1992)
The tragic story of rubber bullets used by English soldiers in Northern Ireland resulting in the death of children. Far from making judgments, the film highlights the tragedy of kids killing kids in … Read more

Koorie Culture Koorie Control (Russell Porter, 1992)
Synopsis not available Read more

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