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Jukebox (Run Wrake, 1994)
Jukebox is an hilariously sinister dream landscape where perspective is collapsed and concertmaed into 'Leger' styled animated figures that seem to strike up inappropriate conversations that sug­… Read more

KAMIKAZE TAXI (Masato Harada, 1994)
... ... Tatsuo is a cocky chimpira (apprentice gangster) whose yakuza bosses are grooming as a pimp to the rich and famous. But when screws up big time on one of his first important jobs, Tatsuo is f… Read more

La Pharmacie (Gerard Jugnot, 1994)
The "3000 Scenarios Against a Virus" series is a belated, but effective French response to the HIV epidemic. Taking its title from the number of story ideas submitted by French teenagers, 30 short sc… Read more

Lemming Aid (Grant Lahood, 1994)
Human nature collides with Mother Nature - literally. On a clifftop somewhere in Scandinavia, a group of zealous activists prepare to take a stand. Their misguided mission: to stop a crazed horde of … Read more

LETTERS TO KATJA (The Amber Collective, 1994)
The latest documentary from the Newcastle-on-Tyne collective, Amber Films (previous MIFF Kino Award winners with Writing On The Sand), follows the journey of Finnish born photographer, Sirkka-Liisa K… Read more

Lilly and the Yellow Cake (Trace Balla, 1994)
The story of a recipe of love, spanning two continents and five generations. The story of tradition and change. ... Read more

Little Women in Transit (Barbara Heller, 1994)
"Oh God Don't tell me you still think Little Women is the greatest book ever written'?'' Some of your most cherished beliefs can be destroyed in the backseat of a car, especially when you're wedged b… Read more

Logo Loco (Martyn Pick, 1994)
"Blixa always led me into the toxic zone, can't say I was thrilled but wherever Blixa went ..." ... See what you make of this blast from the future. ... Read more

Lonelytude or a Ray of Sunshine (Eric Guirado, 1994)
The latest in the endless stream of quality short comic films from France Lonelytude stars Jean-Claude Dreyfus, as M Badot the deceiving neighbour of M Roux who lives next door in an apartment buildi… Read more

Love, Passion and Love (Ghislain Cravatte, 1994)
A puppet animation in which dolls are used to parody American sitcom television. Presented in three parts, the antics of the dolls are linked by a black Shakespearian character (perhaps Othello or a … Read more

MANDALAY (Maggie Fooke, 1994)
Culled from over 100 hours of footage shot over a 7 year period (1987-94), Mandalay is Maggie Fooke's already legendary diary film chronicling the campaign to save the ageing art-deco apartment block… Read more

Manila Child (Nonoy Dadivas, 1994)
By using a series of photographs of urban landscapes of Manila, two animated figures of a desperate mother and young child wander through desolate streets, as she attempts to abandon her child. The f… Read more

MARTHA AND ETHEL (Jyll Johnstone, 1994)
Martha And Ethel is a unique and indelible portrait of two lifelong nannies, strong-willed women who subjugated their own lives to raise someone else's family (as ninety year-old Ethel states, "You d… Read more

MEMORY: WEAVER OF LIFE (Kenji Kikue, 1994)
While studying at Cambridge University, Jeremy suddenly lost the ability to remember events occurring in the immediate past. Drawing on the experience of Jeremy and the lives of oth­ers, we learn… Read more

Miss Taurus (Graeme Wood, 1994)
It's 1972 and 'It's Time', but not it seems for Violet who is caught in the limbo world of adolescence in a small costal town Director Graeme Wood's exceptional cinematic rendering of a place, a time… Read more

MIX-1 (Dietmar Brehm, 1994)
Inside a collection of fragments we begin to find the gradual definition of things, spaces, glimpses of a camera an eye looking back at us the scratchy, almost fidgety sounds of a film whirring into … Read more

MOTHERLAND (Kriv Stenders, 1994)
Motherland is the story of two Latvian grandmothers who have lived in Australia (since the end of WWII), and although never knowing each other in their native Latvia, have become close friends since … Read more

Mrs Foucault's Pendulum (Jean Marc Vervoort, 1994)
A strictly metered repressive regime regulates the Foucault household. Disruptions are not wel­come. Unfortunately for the domineering Mrs F the swing of things does not accommodate two small boy… Read more

MURIEL'S WEDDING (P. J. Hogan, 1994)
P. J. Hogan's breakthrough feature, coming to us directly from its World Premiere at Cannes, rockets another enormous local talent onto the world stage as it launches the 43rd edition of the Festival. Read more

Muttaburrasaurus (Graham Binding, Norman Yeend, 1994)
Mind-blowing computer animation, initially created as part of the documentary Muttaburrasaurus - Life In Gondwanna. See Australia's own dinosaurs as they face threatening elements in a pre-historic e… Read more

Muttaburrasaurus - Life in Gondwana (Graham Binding, Norman Yeend, 1994)
100 million years ago the great southern continent of Gondwana was inhabited by a unique species of dinosaur - the Muttaburrasaurus. Evidence for this dinosaur has been found only in Australia. An im… Read more

My Boyfriend Gave Me Peaches (Ann Marie Fleming, 1994)
A wide-eyed yet laconic look at violence and gender role implications 'hide and seeking' at the heart of schoolyard rhyming games Beneath deceptively simple animation techniques lurks a wondrously wh… Read more

MY FIRST NAME IS MACEO (Markus Gruber, 1994)
" Maceo, blow your horn!!" There wasn't a concert or recording session when the Godfather of Soul, James Brown didn't fire up his aggressive dynamic saxophonist with the preced­ing exclamation. M… Read more

Nan is in a Box (Susan Stamp, 1994)
Susan Stamp's hand-drawn underomera anima­tion explores grief as experienced by both child and adult. There is a quiet eloquence that seems to emanate from the film's understatement. ... Read more

NOAH'S ARK 2150 (Vivianne Howard, 1994)
More money is now spent on video games in a month that on zoos in a year. For the zoo industry it is a sharp reminder that revolution is around the corner. As we head towards the 21 st century zoos f… Read more

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