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Films In 1994

The Drum is a dark fairy tale about two little girls, who become enchanted by a magic drum. The only way they can win the drum, however, is if they are mischievous. They dismiss their mother's repeated pleas for them to be good, and soon realise that there is a very high price they must pay for ... Read more
Falling into a dream, a man and a woman mtwine on a sofa..." Joelle Bouvier and Regis Obadia interpret love, lust and the physicality of he embrace. ... Read more
A rabid psychedelic mix of 'found' images and sounds often processed through complex optical printing techniques which takes its tone and lundness from the late sixties 'head' or 'trip' movie. From this playful obtuse and at times refreshingly juvenile melange of cultural marginalia, Miron fashions ... Read more
... ... After Crushing Edvard Munch, one ot the finest cinematic portraits of an artist ever made, Peter Watkins began work on another film about a tormented Scandinavian artist, the brilliant and troubled playwright August Strindberg However, financing was difficult to obtain; The Journey. which ... Read more
Vertiginous black and white cinematography assaults the senses as we are drawn into the drama of three individuals high up on a cliff ledge - the infamous 'Gap' in Sydney's harbour. One is there to throw his problems into the sea, the others to talk him down. Last year, director Christina Andreef ... Read more
Acclaimed filmmaker Charles Burnett (Killer of Sheep, My Brother's Wedding, To Sleep With Anger) focuses his unique directorial vision on a new genre for him, the policier/action film, creat­ing a powerful moral drama that loses none of its uncompromising anger for being his most mainstream ... Read more
In the late 1800s Paul Schraber an eminent German civil law judge was to become plagued by attacks of insanity. Case-studied by both lung and Freud Schraber's own memoirs of his latter experiences are the basis for The Holly Time (Shraber's own name for this period of his life). Astonishing visuals ... Read more
The Kingdom is more of an epic than a small screen serial-a truly macabre work of diabolical diversity with an unpredictable narra­tive, harbouring a tender ghost story at the core of its haunted heart. ... We are introduced to the colossal labyrinthine hospital, the Kingdom of the title But ... Read more
In the nineteenth century Scottish Highland clearances peasant farmers were evicted from their land and then accused of being feckless and irresponsible for being unable to feed their families. The same process is happening in India today. This controversial and very personal doc­umentary ... Read more
... ... The latest work in documentary magician Les Blank's ongoing celebration of humanity at its most sociable and creative is this loving por­trait of an entertainer and artist provocateur who defies categorisation (a rather Blankian trait!). ... ... ... For close to twenty years Gerry ... Read more
When God is an old biker covered in girlie tattoos, reminiscing about hallucinating at a Led Zeppelin concert; when you hear "OK lift the tablets...very holy...and...ACTION", you know you are in the lap of the Gods! ... The Spinal Tap of the movie world. The Making Of...And God Spoke captures ... Read more
In 1854 the United States government made an offer to buy the Indian lands around the area of what is now Seattle. The leader of the Duwamish nation didn't understand the offer because his people had no concept of owning the land or the air above it or the water around it. After sum­moning his ... Read more
... ... Based on Ralf Koenig's cult comic books, The Most Desired Man quickly became Germany highest grossing film upon its release last year director Sonke Wortmann shattering the nation stereotype that a Getman comedy is a contradiction in terms. An impossibly convoluted love quadrangle revolving ... Read more
In a moment of fantasy, a young girl imagines she is the centre of attraction at an adult party. There is a dark side to this beautifully drawn and paced fantasy when the girl is confronted with the realisation of reality. ... Read more
Writing last year for The Village Voice Ellen Cohn described Pooh Kaye adding " paint to her hyperactive interactive cast—animating swirls and strokes of gorgeous gut-grabbing colour with wit and style to turn any mere me-and-my-easel painter green* ... A mixture of live dance gestures and ... Read more
A modern day Aseop fable via Edward Lear col­lides with Tarantino! ... From the novella by Boris Vian, this heart warming tale of innocent schoolboy antics is shattered by a bolt of not so magical realism from out of the blue . ... Read more
The latest, and perhaps the finest, from Joelle Bouvier, sees him extending the language of truly hematic choreography developed in earlier films. to breathtaking effect. ... A man stands in disconcerting isolation The moment he is on the edge, he dreams that he is retrieved-within the breadth of a ... Read more
Warning: This film may enchant you. It is about an evil little general who can neither read nor write; it s also about an old man who discovers a new form of table-top publishing and about the conversion of a telescope to peaceful purposes. ... Read more
From the "3000 Scenarios Against a Virus" series—further proof that a little rubber goes a long way. ... Read more
An atmospheric tale about a travelling salesman traversing the American countryside portrayed in five independent episodes, five stops during a day on the road. ... Read more
The mind dominated by relentless repetition and the almost ritualist imperative to continually bring order to the world by counting out your insecurities in a series of mathematical equations. ... Arthur is an Obsessive Compulsive and for him the number three is both talisman and terror. A ... Read more
The 1950s. A suburban house. Pip is awakened by the hum of the sewing machine. He loves the moments of closeness he experiences with his mother as she sews the red evening dress. Will the mood change when Pip's father arrives home? A lyrical, sensitive look at the tensions within the nuclear family. Read more
... ... Powerful and promising this first feature film from Guatemala's fledgling film industry is also Luis Argueta's directorial debut. ... ... ... It's J954, young Neto is on the verge of adult­hood as his country is on the verge of chaos-the distant rumble of the CIA-backed coup against the ... Read more
In its studied, graceful and strangely sinister slow motion manipulation of actuality footage, this homage to boyhood cruelty and violence evokes both lean Genet and Eadweard Muybridge. It works as an antidote to most films of childhood reminiscence evoking through found footage, rephotography and ... Read more
A fearsome beast is befriended by a saintly knight whose village fears it, then exploits it, before learning a startling truth. ... Read more
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