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Films In 2000

Billy 'Shiner' Simpson has pinned his career and a great deal of money on a world title boxing match between his golden-boy son and a visiting US fighter. Billy has struggled as a second rate promoter all his life, and engaged in none too kosher activities, in order to get a shot at becoming a ... Read more
Seedy late-night shopping melon-drama. ... Read more
Two compulsive thieves Daisy and Wayne, have to change their plans when a chance meeting with the Matia leads to shotguns, stockings and a hijacking. ... Read more
Around 8,000 different close-ups of dramatically lit. crushed silver paper landscapes fly past in a torrent of highlights and shadows A sharp reammation of film's basic principles with a digitally manipulated foil soundtrack for extra buzz. ... Read more
Who to believe? This complex tale of deceit, infidelity, a crime of passion and real estate prices is more about questions than answers. Like Kurosaw' s Rashomon, everybody tells their version of events and no two perspectives are the same. ... Read more
Bahman Farmanara, an Iranian film director, has not been allowed to work by the Post-Revolutionary Censor Board for the past 20 years. Somewhat in desperation, he accepts an assignment from Japanese TV to make a documentary about funeral rites, which gradually becomes a film about his own funeral ... Read more
A terrifying glimpse inside America's extreme anti- abortion movement. This chilling documentary infiltrates a menagerie of unapologetic activists and assassins, and reveals extreme personalities with a murderous commitment to the pro-life cause. From hecklers outside family planning clinics to ... Read more
Co-winner of the Jury prize at this year's Cannes Film Festival (sharing the prize with Blackboards, also showing at MIFF), Songs From the Second Floor is an alarmingly funny and bold film. ... 'Songs From the Second Floor, directed by Sweden's Roy Andersson, is the most provocative of this year's ... Read more
Southern Comfort is a wonderfully humanistic portrait of transgendered life as lived deep inside Ku Klux Ktan territory, in the rural trailer community of Toccoa Georgia. Robert Eads is a female-to-male transsexual suffering from ovarian cancer facing sure death after 20 doctors refused to treat ... Read more
Imagine a short piece by the great Russian playwright Anton Chekhov, being performed on a New York City bus. as passengers stare on in bewilderment Utterly original. funny and captivating, Speed for Thespians is a breathless adaptation where art and life intersect. ... Read more
Notorious for his stark, black and white photography capturing ice-cool Teutonic giantesses in fetish wardrobes, Helmut Newton is one of modern photography's most enduring figures. This alluring documentary incorporates three distinct strands: an illuminating biography of Newton, interviews with ... Read more
Visions of a pregnant woman are created from pebble dust. Brilliant Hungarian animator Ferenc Cako then builds on these to create a bewitching succession of new impressions and associations. Mesmerizing. ... Read more
A reinvented World War II bomber field provides the arena for man and his machines, the whiff of kerosene and the continuum of time in a deceptively hypnotic glimpse into an English drag meet And the race goes on... ... Read more
A story about taming rampant hair growth and finding that special someone who puts glamour back into the business of being hirsute. This comedy about a prehistoric man's search for love puts modern man's preoccupation with hair loss into perspective. ... Read more
Sunshine Hotel, the last stop before destitution. This Bowery flophouse is the setting for Michael Dominies exceptional, heart rending documentary. The film examines the lives of a number of men who, through bad luck, poor judgement, or addiction, have come to the end of the road. ... Far from ... Read more
Skateboarders Rick Charnoski and Coan 'Buddy Nichols met in 1999 and immediately merged their mutual love for skating and 8mm film into he short feature Fruit of the Vine. As Charnoski says, "We decided to make skate movies in Super 8 and tell stories instead of trick-trick-trick." After recouping ... Read more
Skateboarders Rick Charnoski and Coan 'Buddy Nichols met in 1999 and immediately merged their mutual love for skating and 8mm film into he short feature Fruit of the Vine. As Charnoski says, "We decided to make skate movies in Super 8 and tell stories instead of trick-trick-trick." After recouping ... Read more
A passing Martian drops in for a quiet ale at the Goanna Creek pub. ... Read more
Independent American filmmaker Richard Linklater (Dazed and Confused, Waking Life) again demonstrates his filmmaking prowess with a one-room claustrophobic drama. This low-tech, digitally shot three-character piece - based on Stephen Belber's stage-play and starring Ethan Hawke (also in The Jimmy ... Read more
Greg King's Teach You a Lesson is another alarming portrayal of dysfunction, following the shock of his first film Pop. It is a juvenile retelling of childhood within a family displaying a smorgasbord of abuse. The video-to-film handbag home movie style participates in the telling through its own ... Read more
Tears is a sad, funny and sexually forthright look at a group of lour underage teens in Seoul's underbelly. This second feature by Sang Soo Im doesn't fall prey to the excesses of the subject matter, constructing a small gallery of involving characters, terrifically played by first-timers. The ... Read more
A deliriously inventive, over the top and challenging film from youthful Korean cinema mavericks, Indiestory (see also Looking for Bruce Lee and shorts in this year's programme). ... "Of all the gob-smacking developments in Korean cinema in recent years, the arrival of this deranged feature must be ... Read more
Gabriele Salvatore's Denti is a surreal black-comedy-cum-drama-romance, where love pain and obsession create an altered reality. ... Antonio (Sergio Rubini), has borne his self-consciousness about his generous dental endowments, since kids taunted him with names like Bugs Beaver and Bucky. in an ... Read more
A rapid spiral of phone calls is set to wreck Phil's day as he finds himself fibbing his way out of one conversation after another. The narrative is told in animated type and is fast funny and full of lies. ... Read more
Dark ambience and style abound in this awesome dead end" road movie about the food chain. ... Read more
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