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CERTAIN KIND OF DEATH, A (Blue Hadeagh, 2004)
A Certain Kind of Death USAWinner of a Special Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival, A Certain Kind of Death is a compelling and unblinking documentary that lays bare the mysterious process that … Read more

Certainly Today (Batin Ghobadi, 2004)
Certainly Today (Hatman Emrooz),/I>Two men are commissioned by the Iranian Kurdistan province's Office of Hygiene to vaccinate the children in a remote village. But the kids are not willing and set a… Read more

chain (Jem Cohen, 2004)
"Modern civilisation is shown as a bleakly homogenous super landscape in the ambitious [Chain], which links narrative fiction filmmaking to the avant-garde with vision and authority... the cumulative… Read more

channel-swimmerS (Joerg Adolph, 2004)
The English Channel is the most frequented waterway in the world. Each day, more than 500 ships cross its 33 kilometres. There are also a handful of people who consider the Channel their own personal… Read more

CHARMING GIRL, THIS (Lee Yoon-ki, 2004)
Winner of Pusan's New Currents section, [This Charming Girl] is a perfectly calibrated and unusually subtle portrait of a self-contained young woman. ... Jeong-hye is a clerk in a small suburban post… Read more

chased by dreams (Buddhadeb Dasgupta, 2004)
Dreams and disappointment lie at the heart of Buddhadeb Dasgupta's moving [Chased by Dreams], a meditation on hope in the lives of three ordinary people. ... Paresh is a projectionist who takes educa… Read more

childstar (Don McKellar, 2004)
Don McKellar sends up America's celebrity culture and its predilection for the inane in his satirical [Childstar]. Twelve-year-old Taylor Brandon Burns (Mark Rendall) is a star of the trashy US sitco… Read more

Chronicle of a Disappearance (Segell Ikhtifà) Palestine/FranceElia Suleiman's first feature, made in 1997, is a wry and ironic assertion that the Arab population of Israel is losing its national i… Read more

CINEMA DALI (Xavi Figueras, 2004)
Cinema Dali France/SpainWith the total cooperation of the Salvador Dali Foundation, director Xavi Figueras' investigative documentary reorganises and returns to the screen the cream of over 40 hours … Read more

Cinema of Our Time - Abel Ferrara: Not Guilty France'For five days, director Rafi Pitts was able to follow the inspired director of Driller Killer, The Bad Lieutenant and New Rose Hotel from close by… Read more

Clean (Olivier Assayas, 2004)
In a seedy motel in Ontario, rocker Lee Hauser (muso James Johnston), managed by Vernon (Don McKellar), overdoses on heroin. His partner in love and crime is Emily (Maggie Cheung), who is wrestling w… Read more

Closer (David Rittey, 2004)
Closer (New Zealand, D David Rittey) A poignant film about a deaf boy, coming to terms with the death of his sister. Screened at Cannes. ... Read more

COFFEE AND CIGARETTES (Jim Jarmusch, 2004)
Coffee and Cigarettes USA'When you're cool, you're cool and Coffee and Cigarettes is certified.' -VarietyUS indie film icon Jim Jarmusch has assembled a remarkable group of actors and musicians, incl… Read more

COLD LIGHT (Hilmar Oddsson, 2004)
Cold Light (Kaldaljós)IcelandMagic, catastrophe and loss haunt Grimur's past and they look like intruding on his present. A loner in his 40s, Grimur is gruff and introverted, having no real contac… Read more

"We are not just good at destroying the old world, but also at building the new one," announced Mao Tse-tung many years ago. But even he could not have foreseen the extent to which China is fulfillin… Read more

CONTROL ROOM (Jehane Noujaim, 2004)
Control Room USA/EgyptControl Room goes behind the scenes of Al Jazeera, the Qatar-based Arab television network, and Central Command, the US media village, during the recent US-led invasion of Iraq,… Read more

CORPORATION, THE (Mark Achbar, 2004)
The Corporation CanadaThe CEO of Interface, a massive global manufacturing conglomerate, thinks this planet can support life for 30 to 50 more years and then it's lights out! Mark Achbar (Manufacturi… Read more

COWARDS BEND THE KNEE (Guy Maddin, 2004)
Cowards Bend the Knee Canada'straight from the guilt mines of Guy Maddin's psyche to the collective unconscious of stunned audiences, Cowards Bend the Knee is film autobiography at its most hilarious… Read more

Cowboys in Kosovo (Corinne van Egeraat, 2004)
Synopsis not available Read more

Crazy legs conti: Zen and the art of competitive eating (Danielle Franco, Chris Kenneally, 2004)
Think you've got what it takes to loom large on the international competitive eating circuit' Like Crazy Legs Conti - a legend in his own lunchbox - you'll have to slurp down 34 dozen oysters at Mard… Read more

Creature Comforts: What It's All About (Richard Goleszowski, 2004)
Synopsis not available Read more

Creature Comforts: Working Animals (Richard Goleszowski, 2004)
Synopsis not available Read more

Cyber Palestine (Elia Suleiman, 2004)
Synopsis not available Read more

czech dream (Vit Klusak & Filip Remuuda, 2004)
[Czech Dream] is a story of a glorious large-scale hoax. What began as a graduation project by two film-school students soon escalated to become a mass media event, one that variously disgusted, exci… Read more

DARKNESS BRIDE (William Kwok Wai-lun, 2004)
Darkness Bride (You Gou) Hong Kong/TaiwanA chilling ghost story set in a far-flung Chinese province where industrialisation and medieval beliefs clash. The superstition that a man who dies single wil… Read more

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