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Filmed in a single take, Alexander Sokurov's remarkable [Russian Ark] captured the imaginations of film-goers everywhere. This narrator of Russian culture and spirit takes us back to St Petersburg in his beautiful and aurally inspired[ Diary of St Petersburg - Mozart . Requiem]. "The first night of a performance of Mozart's Requiem staged by Alexander Sokurov, with the Rossica Choir from St Petersburg, led by Valentina Kopylova-Pantchenko, took place in the small hall of the St Petersburg Philharmonic at the end of the winter of 2003. The choir holds a special place in this presentation of the Requiem - it is the main actor and plays the main role. The director was looking to give a new resonance to classical music in both an aesthetic as well as a musical context. On stage, the action takes place in a clear, simple, dynamic and beautiful way, within the space of a magnificent hall. The performance was a surprising revelation even for music-lovers." - Rotterdam Film Festival --- D Alexander Sokurov P Studio Bereg WS Ideale Audience International L no dialogue TD video/col/2004/70mins Alexander Sokurov was born in Podorvikha, Siberia, in 1951. His films include [The Second Circle] (1990), [Spiritual Voices] (1995), [Dolce] (2000), [Russian Ark] (2000).