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“Stands comparison with the work of the award-winning Dardenne Brothers.”
- Rotterdam International Film Festival
Two years after the death of his wife and daughter, boxing coach Lucien is still struggling to come to terms with this tragic loss. Compassion and empathy only irritate him, so the vulnerability of his 15-year-old son, Mitchel, is a constant thorn in his side.
When Mitchel makes an outlandish play for his dad's attention in front of guests at a birthday barbecue, Lucien's short fuse finally blows and father and son reach an important juncture in their relationship. Where they go from here largely depends on Lucien accepting the past and taking the first steps towards the future.
David Lammers' powerful debut may start as a well-staged generation-gap drama but its sudden change of tone keeps the audience guessing.
“Lammers allows the sweltering heat, in an emotional sense, drop to a Siberian freeze and reveals himself to be a sharp observer of both human suffering and the big-city drabness of North Amsterdam.”
- Rotterdam Film Festival


D/S David Lammers P Jeroen Beker, Frans van Gestel WS Motel Films TD 35mm/2006/85mins

David Lammers was born in Zeist, Utrecht, The Netherlands, in 1972. His films include Veere (2005, short).