Director Eytan Fox / 2006 / Israel

“It will probably be a film that people will argue about.” - filmmaker Eytan Fox Lulu shares a house with her gay friends, Noam and Yali, in Shenkin Street, Tel Aviv's funkiest urban strip and the metaphorical bubble of the film's title. They waste their days working, smoking and ignoring the outside conflicts of the Middle East. When Noam falls in love with Palestinian Ashraf, the trio decides to hide him in their apartment and away from authorities. Can the love affair survive or is their exclusive bubble finally about to burst? Multiple award-winner at this year's Berlin Film Festival. Eytan Fox's other films include Walk on Water (MIFF 04) and Yossi and Jagger (MIFF 03).

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D Eytan Fox P Gal Uchovsky, Ronen Ben Tal, Amir Feingold S Gal Uchovsky, Eytan Fox WS Scalpel Films L Hebrew, Arabic w/English subtitles TD 35mins/2006/117mins

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