Director David Ofek, Ron Rotem / 2006 / Israel

“Israeli society through the foreigner's eyes.” - co-director David Ofek A melting pot of nationalities simmer away in a Hebrew language ulpan, a classroom traditionally used to help newcomers adapt to the values of the Jewish state. They include a Catholic princess from Lima, a Chinese woman who left her daughter in China (but found love in Israel) and a Russian man searching for a new life while mourning the loss of his child who was taken away by his estranged wife. These students are united in their plight to learn Hebrew but, ultimately, their experience exposes the many complexities and the divisiveness of Israeli life. Seen through their gaze, daily reality is painted with irony - at times funny, at other times sad. Multiple award-winner at last year's Jerusalem Film Festival.

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D David Ofek & Ron Rotem P Edna Kowarksy, Elinor Kowarsky S David Ofek, Sari Ezouz WS Cinephil L Hebrew, English, Chinese, Russian, German, Spanish w/English subtitles TD betaSP/2006/123mins

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