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"The legend of Cleopatra unfolds through the nuances of Portuguese literature, music and culture." - The Hollywood Reporter

Audacious Brazilian filmmaker Júlio Bressane brings us his vision of the legend of Cleopatra, the last queen of Egypt, with this highly stylised version of the story infused with Portugese culture.
With the incursion of the Roman republic into her domain on the Nile, the clever and erotic Cleopatra struggles to define a fate for Egypt independent of Rome. The general Caesar falls under her spell, but she discovers true love with the appearance of Mark Antony.
"Lyrical, tragical, musical, an immersion of passion into reason, an intellectual crossbreeding, a mixing of cultures, a blending state of madness and sensate, a ‘rêviere culturelle'... that's Cleopatra!" - filmmaker Júlio Bressane
D Júlio Bressane P Tarcisio Vidigal, Lucia Fares S Júlio Bressane, Rosa Dias WS Grupo Novo de Cinema e TV L Portuguese w/English subtitles TD 35mm/2007/116mins