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“It's also a cruel world, populated by capitalist tools and fools, schemers and dreamers of every stripe, accent and ethnicity.” - The New York Times

The latest film from socialist and social realist filmmaker Ken Loach (The Wind that Shakes the Barley, MIFF 06), It's a Free World delves into the mire and mess of Britain's immigrant reality, where legals and illegals are left to traverse dubious and exploitative recruitment agencies without assistance.

After getting no respect from her male co-workers, tough-talking recruitment agent Angie decides to open her own business with the help of her housemate Rose. Using her sex appeal, charm and every other trick in the book to drum up business, Angie soon finds herself in the position of her former employers - exploiting the desperate, and doing whatever it takes to turn a profit.
D Ken Loach P Rebecca O'Brian S Paul Laverty Dist Roadshow Entertainment TD 35mm/2007/96mins