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A gritty, violent portrait of an Argentinean family at breaking point.

On the streets of Buenos Aires a broken family finds itself clashing head-on over drugs and money. As one son dreams of returning home, the other plans his escape, and their father, caught in the middle, will be forced to make a painful choice between the two.

Dubbed an “artsploitation pic” by Variety, this second feature from promising Argentinean director Pablo Fendrik (The Mugger) brings a sizzling visual energy to his brutally realistic portrayal of a family's world falling to pieces.

“Scorsese and Cassavetes are two key influences in Fendrik's work: nervous camera moves, intense acting, and verbal and physical violence always on the verge of exploding.” - LA Weekly

--- D/S Pablo Fendrik P Juan Pablo Gugliotta WS Latinofusion L Spanish w/English subtitles TD 35mm/2007