Director Bert Haanstra / 1959 / Netherlands

Who could ever imagine that such a harmless pastime as making music was to be the cause of revolutionising a whole village? Yet this is what happened in the placid Dutch village of Lagerwiede. There are no streets in Lagerwiede, but picturesque canals, admired by visitors; and this means plenty of business for the two rival innkeepers, Krijns and Geursen. In the evening, when the village is quiet again, they devote themselves to their common passion, the local brassband, "The Fanfare".

The work of Bert Haanstra is mainly known to film enthusiasts through his fame in the short documentary field (Mirror of Holland, Glass, The Rival World, etc. ) and, therefore, his first feature is awaited with interest. It is a simple story of a village feud photographed very charmingly in the delightful Dutch countryside.

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