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Guests arrive at an elegant dinner party to find that the servants have mysteriously disappeared. At the end of the party all the guests find excuses not to leave. It soon becomes clear that none of them can leave. The room seems to have some secret power which holds them there. Undeterred, they sleep on the floor but next day is no better, and so this continues from day to day, for weeks on end some charm holds them. Slowly the veneer of civilization is stripped away and their true selves are revealed

For ninety hypnotic minutes, Bunuel shatters all conventional and social notions of logic and ethics. Never before has he been able to give such free rein to his vitality, wit and iconoclasm, his power to surprise and shock. The directors capacity to renew himself seems endless and while surrealism is still his method, anarchy is his intent. Each spectator must find his own way in this fascinating filmic maze.