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Paparazzo-photographer Victor Malafronte's philosophy is simple: "I don't have any sympathy for a guy who's making $20-30 mil­lion a year." Chasing Madonna, ambushing Michael J. Fox, screaming at Robert de Niro, Blast 'Em is an arm's length look at life as a New York paparazzo photographer.

It is an off-beat, funny and sometimes frightening journey into the North American obsession with fame and celebrity, by way of its most intimate observers. Spearheaded by public demand, these streetwise hustlers of pri­vacy for profit offer an unique eyewitness account of the power of celebrity in today's culture and how it works — on those who have it, on those who want it, and on a society like ours which places a large and thoughtless value on it.

This feature length documentary reveals a world rarely seen — a place where famous encounters are everyday and unguarded moments are everlasting.

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