Director Barbara Kopple / 1999 / USA

A Hollywood veteran as subject for a documentary veteran makes for a superb film. This warm, intimate but unobtrusive, account of Gregory Peck's personal and professional life is a triumph of portraiture. Academy Award winning director Barbara Kopple divides her film between a Peck biography that spans his entire film output, anecdotes recorded during theatre appearances and episodes from this beloved actor's home life. From opening credits to closing moment (Peck softly weeping with joy at the birth of his grandson) this documentary demonstrates that the real-life Peck is very much the gentle, loving and admirable person portrayed in his favourite role, that of Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird.

'...A portrait of a devoted family man...his integrity both onstage and off is an inspiration...Peck appears to recall every actor, director and crew member he's ever worked with and a segment in which he reads aloud from a draft of his memoirs indicates he's a crafty and evocative prose stylist as well!''—Variety

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