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Imagine an Argentine retaking the Falkland Islands alone—cheating British military security and recording his crazy mission on video. Fabian is an Argentine national with a diabolical plan for revenge, a guerilla action by an advance agent pitted against those who defeated his country in 1982. Passing himself off as a tourist visiting the Falklands soon after it is reopened to its own people his plan is to win the ultimate struggle by seducing and impregnating the local females siring an entire generation of half Argentines, commencing with the delicious Camilla. Shot in strict accordance with Lars Von Trier and Thomas vlnterberg's 'Dogme 95' manifesto, F**kland deliberately creates the illusion of a documentary, maintaining a raw, fish-eyed perspective that gives the film a voyeuristic flair and intimacy. Fabian's persistently devilish charm, at least in Camilla's presence, makes him all the more despicable in his private asides to the camera, especially once we realize what it really is he's up to. His dark agenda creates a genuine pathos and vulnerability that extends the film's dimensions far beyond its plot. 'Director Jose Luis Marques has put together an intriguing film, an entertaining intermingling of reality and fiction throwing in a dash of pointed political commentary for good measure."—Film Threat.