Director Santiago Mitre / 2011 / Argentina

"The Student announces Santiago Mitre as a South American Aaron Sorkin.” - Indiewire

Roque is a directionless, two-time college dropout. Lacking anything better to do with his life he re-enrols at a Buenos Aires university but once there he focuses more on the ladies than on his studies. In pursuit of one particular conquest, however, he is introduced to the cutthroat world of student politics and discovers he has a gift for wheeling, dealing and clandestine opportunism. Soon Roque is embroiled in a vicious cycle of backroom deals, shifting alliances and dog-eat-dog machinations that threaten him and his fellow students.

Santiago Mitre (co-writer of two Argentinean Oscar submissions: Lion's Den, MIFF 08, and Carancho) has given us a brilliantly written, energetic film in The Student. Gripping and incisive, it offers an oblique metaphor for Argentine - and, indeed, world - politics, and is bolstered by a subtle and compelling star turn from Esteban Lamothe as Roque.

“Sustains itself beautifully… in the classic Bildungsroman tradition.” - Cinema Scope

D/S Santiago Mitre P Agustina Llambi Campbell, Santiago Mitre, Fernando Brom WS Alpha Violet L Spanish w/English subtitles TD HD Cam/2011

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