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Sex, power, high ideals and cut-throat enemies collide in this engaging untangling of a very American scandal.

As New York State Attorney General, Eliot Spitzer prosecuted the crimes of America's largest and wealthiest financial institutions. He swiftly ascended the rungs of power, and was elected to governor of New York in 2007 - but just over a year later, revelations that he frequented prostitutes saw him swiftly fall from grace. Or was he pushed?

Unfolding like the plot of a le Carré novel, Client 9 sees director Alex Gibney (Taxi to the Dark Side, Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room) tease out the intrigue behind the man-formerly-most-likely-to-be-president.

Director Alex Gibney is a guest of the festival.

"Has all the ingredients for a potboiler: greed, corruption, sex, power, overweening ambition and jaw-dropping hubris." - Hollywood Reporter

D/S Alex Gibney P Alex Gibney, Todd Wider, Jedd Wider, Maiken Baird Dist Madman Entertainment TD digibeta/2010