Director Joseph Cedar / 2011 / Israel

"A smart, well written and deftly executed confrontation between a father and son who may be more alike than they would choose to believe." - Screen International

Comedy meets bitter family drama in Joseph Cedar's (Beaufort, MIFF 2007) Footnote, a high-spirited skewering of academic pomposity, Jewish neuroses and the enduring rivalry between father and son.

Eliezer and Uriel share more than just blood. Both have dedicated their lives to esoteric branches of Talmudic research, and their relationship is run through with a strain of bitter competitiveness. When Eliezer is presented with a prestigious academic award, the fractures that lie between generations are thrown into chaotic relief.

Winner of Best Script at this year's Cannes Film Festival. "Brilliance... a film that has been meticulously thought through on every level." - Time Out London

D/S Joseph Cedar P Michal Graidy, Leon Edery, David Mandil Dist Rialto L Hebrew w/English subtitles TD DCP/2011

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