Director Dario Argento / 1975 / Italy

"Argento's first true and bona fide masterpiece." – Twitch

Hailed by horror aficionados as one of the greatest giallos ever made, Deep Red follows musician Marcus Daly, who witnesses a murder in his apartment building and ends up attempting to solve it alongside tabloid reporter Gianna Brezzie, as the task is seemingly beyond the police. Marcus is positive he holds the key to the mystery, and as the pair digs deeper, they uncover an increasingly sinister web of affairs.

Featuring the iconic David Hemmings (Antonioni's Blow Up) and Argento's muse Daria Nicolodi, as well as a score by the legendary prog rock band Goblin, Deep Red is best experienced on the big screen, as Argento and co-screenwriter Bernardino Zapponi (Satyricon) remind us that we can trust nothing – not even our own memories.

"This might be the pinnacle of Dario Argento's career so far." – The Film Emporium

D Dario Argento P Claudio Argento, Salvatore Argento S Dario Argento, Bernardino Zapponi WS Intramovies TD 35mm/1975

Please note that this film was incorrectly listed in the program guide with an M classification. Deep Red is classified R 18+ and nobody under 18 will be admitted.

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