Director Frank V. Ross / 2012 / USA

"It's about loving stuffed animals and neglecting people." – Frank V Ross

Recently married, Christopher and Melody are stuck in a work-to-live rut. With barely any time for each other, Melody teaches high-school students, while Chris slaves over a novel by day and works a deadbeat restaurant job by night, where he becomes drawn to a flirtatious co-worker who looks uncannily like his wife (and is played by the same actress).

Independent Chicago filmmaker Frank V Ross works behind and in front of the camera to capture the undercurrents of 20-something suburban restlessness and financial servitude with confidence and grace. An insightful narrative, this film reinforces his reputation as a new and intriguing cinematic voice, not content to follow the rules.

"Ross's screenplay provides viewers with a narrative that has drive and purpose, dialogue that manages to be cleverly constructed while still sounding like what people might actually say in real life and characters who remain interesting to watch even in their less likable moments." – RogerEbert.com

D/S Frank V Ross P Adam Donaghey, Drew Durepos WS Frank V Ross TD HD Cam/2012

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