Director Frank Pavich / 2013

"Opens a window onto an unexplored world that almost was, a world that … altered the course of pop-culture history without ever existing on its own terms." – Salon

In 1974, Alejandro Jodorowsky was riding high off the cult hits El Topo and The Holy Mountain. His next project was to be an adaptation of Frank Herbert's seminal science fiction novel Dune, and the notorious filmmaker had big plans: it would star the likes of Mick Jagger, Salvador Dalí and Orson Welles, feature designs by Mœbius and HR Giger, and give the audience the feeling of being on LSD regardless of whether they'd even taken it.

It was one of the most ambitious film projects of all time, and now only exists in storyboards and Jodorowsky's own anecdotes. The story of how this film never came to be forms the basis of Frank Pavich's extraordinary film, and fills in the blanks on one of the greatest ever pieces of cinematic lore.

"A beautiful celebration of creative madness and the pursuit of a vision in the face of impossible obstacles. It's hilarious and strange and very, very trippy." – io9

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